How would you spend MRR of $480?


So I'm looking to scale one of my small side hustles, right now we have an MRR of $480.

It's a B2B SaaS for managing and running campaigns through email signatures (similar to xink.io, exclaimer.com, etc)

I'm considering the following as options:

  • SEO (long term)
  • Cold outreach, phone or email
  • PPC
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    Seriously, pay yourself first.

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      Can you elaborate?

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        An MRR of $480 isn't enough to invest in anything yet.

        If your own finances aren't taken care of yet, take care of that first.

        Because peace of mind is most important when you're trying to grow a business.

        However, if you're already financially comfortable, I'd look into taking care of the bottleneck of your growth.

        For instance, when Zlappo was at ~$500 MRR, I invested heavily into setting up an affiliate program and marketing it.

        Now the majority of my MRR growth comes from affiliates.

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          Hi @simplisticallysimple , most of my traffic now is coming from SEO and it's hitting the bottleneck. Now, I'm thinking of setting up an affiliate program, can you share more about how do you market it(or how do you advertise your affiliate program) ?

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          So that's exactly why i asked, i don't need the money for myself, so i'd like to reinvest them. Would also love to hear more about the affiliate program! :)

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          Interesting perspective. Thank you so much for sharing!

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    I had a look at Signkit and I think the first thing I would do before considering spending cash on acquisition is improving the general design and add more pages to your website.

    That does not necessarily require cash, but I think you need a lot more reinssurance, especially in B2B if you want your business to scale : add logos of customers, testimonials, an about page to know who's behind, some terms and conditions, ...

    Then I think I would invest in marketing in this order :

    1. Having good testimonials on your website (can cost a bit of money if you have videos)
    2. A good explainer video
    3. Invest in an ahrefs account and start creating content : detailed feature pages, you VS competitor pages, blog posts, etc...
    4. Then I would spend it on acquisition, starting with retargeting on Facebook & Youtube using your explainer video & testimonials
    5. Once those are done, you can start doing cold emails and more PPC
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      Hi @romainsimon,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      So right now we are doing 1-3, all of them are almost ready + a new Signkit platform, we have learned a lot on the UX/UI + I had to change the developer, so we re-built the infrastructure and ux+ui.

      4 was exactly what I was looking for since we are building out a content universe for knowledge sharing with the aim of gaining higher SEO rankings.

      Thanks a lot

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    I'd invest in some tools to help in operations if I could pay my bills using other income.

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