How writing content regularly is helping me improve myself! ✨

Be it writers like Kurt Vonnegut, Haruki Murakami, or your favorite blog writers, all of them have one thing in common - they read (and I mean A LOT!!)

When I first started writing, I realized that writing was just half the part. Researching and coming up with great ideas was as important. That’s where reading comes in.

To write content regularly, I spend half an hour every day reading content on different themes like productivity, web design, business, and other unrelated topics. This has had a massive effect on how I interconnect different ideas together, come up with novel business solutions and you’d be surprised to know that’s how I have come up with different feature ideas for Brutask as well.

It has also helped me think from the perspective of my audience. I can not only see the benefits of that in my work life where I can step into the shoes of my customers but in my personal life as well where I can understand and empathize with people better.

Waiting for the cherry on the cake? It helps me connect with readers like you who have a whole new set of thinking, perspectives, and beliefs that can expand my vision.

Which is that one habit for you that has helped you improve yourself?

Siddhita ❤️

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    Thanks for sharing it, Siddhita. I am heavily inspired by awesome writers like you. I have a tiny blog (https://www.pankajtanwar.in/blogs) where I share my thoughts.

    2 weeks back, I decided to solve a programming challenge every day and write a blog about it. I call it my coding diary (https://www.pankajtanwar.in/coding-diary). It's like a daily workout for me. I enjoy writing every day.

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    Great post. You are right to be a sought-after writer for your readers, you need to constantly draw ideas and improve your writing skills. You are good at it. I also try to constantly work on my written content on my blog, the practice of working as a writer in the service https://www.thesiswritingservice.com/ left me with good skills, but I have a problem with topics for writing. Now I am looking for a source of ideas and inspiration.

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    I agree on this, consistently writing in general has always uplifted my spirit. What I struggle with is finding blog ideas I should write about. Do you have a process to come up with or find interesting blog post ideas?

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    This is profound. Innovation comes from synthetization. Where do you find reading material (blogs on medium perhaps)? Any books you've read that had a lasting effect on your work?

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    Showing up every day, even when you don't feel like it. Though I have to confess I'm not there yet, but I try to at least be as consistent as my current me allow :)

    Re new features for Brutask, do you also ask what your current customers want?

    Thanks for sharing, Siddhita!

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