How you made your first $1,000 online?

Tell us how you made your first $1,000 online.

I'll start:
Made my first $1k as a freelance web developer turning website designs into code (HTML and CSS).

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    Freelancer web developer.
    I'd prefer to replace that income with monthly recurring revenue from a site / service / other though!

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    Made my first $1k selling the MVP of ektora.com

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    I won first place in the Envato API Contest six years ago.

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      This is interesting! What have you built for it?

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        I've created an online tool for previewing how photos from PhotoDune would look like within a text.

        Found an old link to the announcement of the contest winners.

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    I’ve been working on various web dev projects in my free time over the past 6 months or so and have made $1.5k+! 🎉

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    The videogame I released on Steam from my first company.

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    Build once, sell twice and hit $1000 with a paid product last week https://getcommunitylist.com/

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    I spent one weekend recording a course about app marketing (I’m a CMO at an app company), then spent another weekend editing the video and published it on Udemy. 0 cost other than my two weekends and now it makes about $1.000 / month on autopilot. It’s been on Udemy for about one and a half years

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      So 8 more weekends, 2 months, 4 more courses = "set of courses" = 5k per month - why aren't you in wash-rinse-repeat mode with that? Even one more because the first one should be edited to pitch and sell the second one at the outro. Daisy chain them.

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        I did two more, currently making a self-hosted course because the topic is niche and Udemy is mostly focused on engineering topics, not marketing.

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    Freelance, looong time ago :)
    Quick question: I see you've stopped publishing videos this year. Any reason?

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    I might have got to $1000 as a teenager running some sites with AdSense, not really sure how much it was in total in the end.

    After a long time of not earning a dime, I am getting into building things for profit again. Last month I got my first $2000.

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    1. Wrote some programming articles (C/C++) and made $250
    2. Created a Instagram and Linkedin bot ($600)
    3. Made API using Flask to deploy a tensorflow model ($500)
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    Sold 3 separate drip email courses related to DIY career difficulties: resume writing, LinkedIn Profile enhancement, interview preparation. Got the bug and pivoting my non-scalable consulting agency to more online tools helping SMBs and Startups over time. Love the creativity that AWS serverless and broadening one's horizons brings.

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    Me as a freelancer as well! doing sites and simple web apps, now I am doing that as a service :)

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    I made a small investment in a DeFi Smart Contract. They just had a pre-sale on their Token, bought 200 @ $.50. They will be going PUBLIC in August 2021 @ $5. The Sales price now is $1. https://Flow.page/defisidehustle

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    Selling top level domains, 10 years ago...

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    I learned how to run bots to do various things, and eventually started selling accounts and things to classmates in middle school. I'm not sure of the exact amount now, but it sure felt like $1,000. I still attribute my ability/interest with stocks to that game.

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    My first $1000 online flew over my head but it came courtesy of my add-on called Flookup.

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    I built a SaaS about 21 years ago - circa 2001, it took a year to build and longer to debug and launch, everything was called " ASP" then (not SaaS) and the playing field was wide open compared to today. Now there are 10 versions of everything and the new focus is on making them all link to each other. You are really building a puzzle piece today with lots of API hooks, not really a stand-alone app/silo. First year I made $6,000 on it while burning my savings, second year I made $60,000 - at it's peak it was making between 30k-40k a month NET that I split with a partner while we did other things for $ as well so it was really hot for a while but we had our issues and after about 2009 it started to decline and would have required a total re-write. Over it's lifetime it did a good $4 million anyway but that was spread over years. We had some really big customers use it and at one point it was all running on a rack of servers in a basement in a suburban house - if they only knew! No cloud then, you had to build out your own hardware and buy all the related software and get a decent bit of bandwidth and a set of fixed IP addresses. Everything is so plug-and-play that the old barriers to entry are gone so its a mad scrum. It doesn't mean it's not worth doing today (I still am) its just that you have to aim for something very original or find a fresh take on a niche you can wedge into.

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    Freelance development (Chrome extensions)

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    I used to sell crypto-themed t-shirts online at cryptodaddyshop.com 😅

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    Started freelancing, did a bunch of free work, then did some paid work 😂

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    As a freelancer, more than 15 years ago.

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