How you spend your money

I recently earn 200$ "Freelancing not recurring" but just curious about how other spends there.

  • how you manage your finance ?
  • if you invest where how ?
  • how much money is enough "be objective" ?
  1. 1
    1. Using some special apps like Monarch.
    2. Trying to invest in real estate now. It's complicated tho.
    3. For me? $10k per month would be enough.

    Anyway, I was pretty bad at money management and had times when I couldn't escape debt at all. But following some interesting tips made by Dave Ramsey and his team helped me a lot. I also found a review at https://thefrugalexpat.com/dave-ramsey-baby-steps/ that discusses his books and financial advice. Could be an interesting read for you too.

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