HowTo Create Your Brand In < 3 hours - Full process

Hi IH!

I recently shared a Twitter thread sharing how I created the brand strategy (not built, that's years of hard work!!) for https://startupbuilder.mba with a brand sprint.

I think it's something valuable to think and build your startup brand real quick. Thus I want to share it with you all.

Why have a brand strategy?

  • Humanize your brand and better connect with customers with a purpose, mission and vision.
  • Distinguish your brand from the competition
  • Have the criteria for strategic decision-making. If you are not sure about one strategic decision: what are your values, purpose, mission, and vision?
  • Provide consistency to customers and employees.
  • Having a strong brand is one of the best moats you can build.
  • Having a strong brand attracts better talent.

Before performing the brand sprint, I ideated a name following the purpose brand principles: create a name and a brand that embraces the "Job-To-Be-Done" + purpose you are making for your customer.


👉 Learn more https://link.medium.com/8HgzkLgKDbb

With this name and almost random brand colors+font I validated StartupBuilder.mba and built it just after having sales.

After 3K$ sold and 70 customers, I decided it was time to work on the brand strategy. So let's start with the branding sprint.

Brand Sprint - 3 hours

To perform the brand sprint, get into a room with your marketing team or cofounder, or somebody that might help you with a different perspective than yours. Expect 3 hours of the workshop. Let's have a look at the steps with my real outputs .

20 years Plan Session - 15 minutes

It's crazy right? No, you are not doing a plan. that's not the point.

This exercise intends is to think long-term to see if the brand you are strategizing can last tens of years.

What, How, Why Session - 30 minutes

If you read about these terms, you will find different opinions on the meanings. I've followed the why, what, and how rule framework @simonsinek


Think and write Why (purpose), what (vision), how (mission).

👉 https://youtu.be/qp0HIF3SfI4

Why - StartupBuidler Purpose

"We believe human progress can and should be accelerated. And we believe we can do that bringing the same opportunities to everybody in the world to innovate."

What - vision

"We will enable at least 10,000 worldwide innovators to accelerate their startup journey via validation and better decision-making."

How - Mission

"To be the most accessible way for innovators to make better, well-informed, and efficient decisions on their ideas. Driving you to success or pivot as quickly as possible."

Top Three Values Session - 30 minutes

Brainstorm and pick the top three values.

This will help in the future to align decision-making in your company and build your culture.

Should be something that you really care about!

👉 List with 500 Values to help you think https://www.threadsculture.com/core-values-examples.

StartupBuilder's values:
Speed, Integrity, Method, Inclusion, Growth-Mindset, Passion

Top Three Audiences Session - 30 minutes.

If you've done your homework with the idea validation, you should know it already.

Think about your top 3 customer segments or influencers/references in the market you want to partner with to help you reach your final buyer.

Our output (roughly, as this is not an exercise to deeply define the audience):

  • First time founders
  • Makers/Indiehackers
  • Venture Studios
  • Universities

Personality Sliders Session - 30 minutes

Use a whiteboard to position your company’s “sliders” between pairs of brand extremes.

  • Elite vs Mass Appeal
  • Serious vs playful
  • Conventional vs Revel
  • Friend vs Authority
  • Mature+Classic vs Young+Innovative

Competitive Landscape Session- 30 minutes

Draw a 2x2 matrix:

  • “Classic” to “Modern”
  • “Expressive” to “Reserved”

Position the competition in the matrix

Position your company in the matrix. Try to do it in a free quadrant or not too close to your competition

Double-check: Look back at the rest of the sprint exercises.

Does this placement make sense for your 20-Year Roadmap, What How Why, Values, Audience, and Brand Sliders?

Final thoughts

👉 Here an step-by-step article from the brand sprint inventors @jakek https://library.gv.com/the-three-hour-brand-sprint-3ccabf4b768a

👉 Here a @MiroHQ template https://miro.com/templates/brand-sprint/

After this process, you should be ready to share your strategy with a designer to help you show this brand personality and strategy with visuals:

  • Have branding guidelines (colors, fonts, and others).
  • Design a logo
  • Design marketing assets


In just 3 hours, you've created strategic criteria to drive your company decisions:

  • New hires should be aligned with values and purpose.
  • Strategic decisions should be aligned with vision, mission, purpose. Lead by example.
  • Identity Marketing (yes, brand strategy comes first to build a true brand around your WHY and THE HUMAN. Then you can think about colors, logo and all that stuff!)
  • Company policies
  • Company's ethical code

Thank you for reading the full thread🙏🙏🙏 If you think it is useful, please help your audience and me sharing the original tweet https://twitter.com/josberco/status/1339217050103898113?s=21

Ask Me Anything in the comments, happy to help with your branding process as a growth foundation.

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