April 11, 2019

HTML - Weird Behavior




Modifying an open source app. The app generates a menu list of items some of which also have a sublist "ul/li". When selecting a basic menu item the app generates content that gets displayed on the right side of the process so the app runs the associated url/backend logic (foo.php) and generates the requisite text.

When a menu item is selected that has a subset of ul/li items, the subest list is either displayed/hidden. I'd like to mod the app to also generate content that gets displayed when the menu item is selected.

The menu item has an "a" (anchor/href) that "should" be invoked but it appears it isn't. I don't seem to see any network traffic between browser/server...

I can invoke the url directly in the browser/address dialog and get the required content. I'm wondering if the underlying logic should be something along the lines of displaying/hiding the subset list and then doing a "redirect" to invoke the actual/target url??

If you're interesting in taking a look at this,, let me know and I can get you the public/test url for all of this..

My next option is to post on stackoverflow!



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