Hustle Culture and the Big Lies of Success

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    You're absolutely on the money, and with information becoming available like https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57139434, these 'hustle' promoters are not just promoting their own interests, but are downright dangerous.

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    I disagree with this article on so many levels! And no, I don't have a course to sell. 😆🙃

    First, let's start with what it gets right. We need to have more compassion for those who don't come from a middle-class background, and who are looking to sustain themselves through a regular 9-5. Everyone should have access to food, medicine, and shelter, regardless of their ambition.

    Now, I would argue that it's easier for entrepreneurs to find success in 2021 than 2001. We are no longer bound by brick and mortar structures. Finding legal, and financial help has been made infinitely easier with apps like Stripe. When it comes to clients, we're not stuck with just serving the people in our neighborhood like in the 1990's and 80's. In 2021 we can find clients across the country or across the world.

    Also, who says that this stuff has to be easy? Just because something is possible, doesn't mean it's easy. Plus, many of these personalities make it a point to let their audience know that working hard is simply not enough- you have to work smart.

    I think we are too harsh when we judge influencers. Working hard and smart can lead to a rewarding professional life. We can have empathy for those trying to make ends meet and acknowledge that we live in the age of abundance for those willing to take calculated risks.

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      Did you even read the article? It was literally about conmen, who claim they made it big and capitalized on "how they made it big", when in actuality they didn't. Thus misleading and conning a lot of people.

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        I read the article, and I was arguing the premise of it, not the strawmen that they highlighted. I refuse to believe that Richard Montañez is a fair representation of influencers.

        And the main point of my response is that there is more opportunity now than in the past for entrepreneurs. It's also too simplistic to assume that all successful folks come from privilege.

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        This comment was deleted 22 days ago.

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    Brilliant article! No one wants to admit the luck factor :D

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      But luck is what happens when hard work meets opportunities :-D

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    Great spot, Rosie.

    I have a draft of "With All Respect To Kevin Kelly, actually it's at least 10,000 True Fans" sitting on a hard drive somewhere. It's based on eight years work turning an unknown musician into a well-known electronica act.

    Would anyone be interested in reading a warts and all account of what "a successful creator economy business" actually entails? Hustle is useful, but anyone who thinks its all you need just has no idea.

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      Colour me curious, for sure.

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    There is no luck, just skill, haha

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