Hustle Pal, a simple platform to find co-hustlers

Hey makers!

Just recently joined this community after a friend recommended I looked into this group based on a project I am working on, which is called Hustle Pal
---> https://newhustlepal.bubbleapps.io/

The idea for Hustle Pal came after I realized, just like many of you, that I had many different side projects for which I had built something but where I was lacking some other complementary skills to get it off the ground.
Many times I found myself thinking "if only I could find something with these kind of skills.."
Platforms like AngelList or ProductHunt are great, but they may feel intimidating for indie projects/side hustles.

That's why I built Hustle Pal.

Current features:

  • Post a hustle by highlighting the idea/hustle, what you need and what you are looking for etc.
  • Can contact hustlers, save the hustle, edit/delete it
  • Messaging systems between users

My question to the community is fairly simple:
Is this something you would find useful to look for potential partners for your projects/hustles/startups ?
If so, are there any additional tools that you would find useful ?

Thanks so much for your feedback!!!

p.s. this is my first no-code project and I have no previous coding experience so any feedback on the platform per se is also very welcome

Would you find a platform like Hustle Pal useful ?
  1. naaah man, not really needed...
  2. Yes! I was looking for something like this!
  3. meh, maybe if you build some more features...
  1. 1

    This is a very good idea. Before landing on IndieHackers, I was looking for resources online where I could meet fellow founders and help them with my skills in product design. My thinking behind it was to curate ideas that resonated with my thought process and do my part in solving problems with them.

    Some things that you might want to consider

    • Not all hustles are created equal, so having some more clarity on what you want from the person might be a good way to go. Could think about adding some experience requirements.

    • On my device the hustles are appearing from left to right, could consider placing them one underneath the other, it will make the layout cleaner and provide you with a more readable format.

    • I agree with Dylan S about the tags. So when creating the layout you could also add the tags.

  2. 1

    Good idea! Good start!

    Few tips:
    It’s not nice to view on mobile. (Could make an app using Adalo, a great nocode tool too, DM if you need any help)

    Would be nice to have some tags maybe? Or a more clear layout. (Maybe the layout is bad because I am on my phone) When I see large text I immediately don’t want to read it😂😅.
    So have some tags (for filtering) and only “what I need”. Then people can decide yes this is something for me, they click on it and then they can read the full story.

    But I like it already!

    1. 1

      Thanks @DylanS for the feedback!! I should have added that it is not optimized for mobile yet (it's not that straightforward in Bubble and still learning) so yeah if you check on desktop it would be a totally different 'experience' (including filtering).
      For the mobile app, would you suggest I just optimize on Bubble or start from scratch in Adalo?
      Thanks again!

      1. 1

        I suggest you continue with bubble and optimise it for mobile, if it is a success you can always make native apps later on.

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