Hyper casual Mobile Game or a micro SaaS web app?

Hi everyone, I keep getting stuck at this crossroad if I should try to build a mobile game or some kind of web application that can one day generate a side income.

Currently, I am working on a mobile game similar to Catch Up where you have a ball that you roll around to dodge obstacles. I am looking to make hyper-casual mobile games similar to the ones published by Voodo because they are relatively simple to make compared to other types of games. Where I generally struggle with game development is making the game look good, since that requires 2D or 3D art skills.

However, a part of me really wants to build some kind of web application or a micro sass, since I already have the skills required to do so, and it would be great to build something for yourself that I can show off to the world and not have to worry about someone taking it away from you. The issue that I keep running into, is that I don’t know what to build, which is preventing me from pursuing this route.

Should I focus on building hyper-casual mobile games, or should I focus on building a micro SaaS web application?

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    You have to figure this out yourself. As often said, it's all about execution of an idea, not just an idea. What is execution? Execution is ability to think and make good decisions, so start thinking and figuring out how to make good decisions. To find success with any of these, you are going to have to make hundreds or thousands of tiny good decisions. Begin with the first one. Best of luck.

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      That makes sense, it sounds like I shouldn't worry too much about picking one or the other, just stick with one as long as I am making progress and improving.

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    @segmond @nikwen are spot on in their advice -- it's all about execution and doing what you get the most enjoyment from.

    i'd recommend leaning into building a SaaS web app though -- if for any reason, you mentioned you already had the required skill set needed there -- plus, user-acquisition in mobile gaming has a very high learning curve and can get expensive fast.

    that said, a very good friend of mine used to run ketchapp games for ~5 years pre-acquisition, so happy to offer up any advice there as well -- just shoot me a DM.


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    I'd pick the one that you'll enjoy working on. Otherwise, it's just not worth it.

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      Thanks, both projects have parts that I enjoy working on, the parts that are less enjoyable are usually things that are hard because I don't know how to do it, but maybe I should shift my mindset and worry less about making it perfect and just get something working and slowly improve on it.

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        I agree with @nikwen suggested and I would look at it by keeping this in mind:

        "developing an web/mobile app != building a profitable product"

        I think games and micro-saas are very different on a business level.

        A game can be added in an App Store and let it grow there. If it's good people will start playing it and you can promote it in some gaming communities to get some initial feedback and traffic.

        Micro-saas on the other hand is way different when it comes to growing it. The audience and the marketing process there it's imho harder and more intense.

        If you enjoy more developing a product and you don't want to spend a lot of time thinking about marketing and sales I would say go with the game :)

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        Yeah. Getting an MVP out of the door very fast is important.

        For the SaaS idea you can even get feedback without doing any coding if you build a quick and dirty prototype in a design tool.

        Check out this post by @jimzarkadas: https://jimzarkadas.gumroad.com/p/ux-bytes-1-the-lean-and-productive-design-process

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