I acquired $1500 and 30 Customers in 15 hours of launch! AMA!

I acquired $1500 and 30 Customers in 15 hours of launch! And that too without a product!

I launched a pre-booking deal with an irresistible offer at Basch.ml

For how the actual launch process looked like, check this out : https://twitter.com/VirajCz/status/1415136479165050880

( Lol, I actually wrote a full guide on it )

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    Good Product, I was to purchase but didn't. Any video demo or screenshots of what progress you have made would be very helpful.

    1. 1

      Sorry dude, will have to wait until we launch now 😅

      The $49 was only for first 30 people who believed in the future of our product.

      I'll notify you once we launch the functional product. Probably in a month, cause the core functionality is almost ready. Just UI and features remain :)

      Thanks for the response btw

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