I acquired a SaaS! 🤯 Here's the Story 👇

I run a SaaS called Potion (https://addpotion.so), a website builder on top of Notion.

You may or may have not known that there is another Potion. A competitor of mine that started right around the same time (https://potion.page).

We both had the great idea to use the name Potion. Well... because its a great name!

Two products that are fairly similar (website builders for creating custom Notion websites) and we have the same name! 🤨

Very confusing to say the least.

I didn't know what to do. Should I change my name? Or reach out to them?

I decided to do nothing.
Just wait and see what happens.

This last week I posted on the Notion Made Simple Facebook group about how I was launching Potion early access.

Guess who replied!?

Zack the Founder of Potion Pages.

Zack shared how he decided to move away from Potion to a different space. He was interested in me acquiring his Potion.

He wanted me to succeed and do well. He was so generous through-out the whole process!

So we worked out a deal and I acquired his Potion! 😁

He updated his landing page https://potion.page to send users to my website and he sent over his list of users. I got access to his code in case I want to make anything over that he built.

It was a really crazy. I can't believe this happened! 🤯

Thanks Zack (https://twitter.com/wenquai) for being so awesome throughout this whole process. I wish the best to you and what you work on next!

  1. 2

    Hi Noah, I recently featured your product on SaaS Directory I am building - https://www.saasdirectory.co/potion-website-builder-built-notion/

    Happy to see you here!


  2. 2

    Pretty cool product. Might actually try it for Polygloss' website :)
    How much did you pay for buying the potion pages?

    1. 1

      You should use it for Polygloss. :) You can always message me if you have any questions. It wasn't a ton!

  3. 2

    It's good to hear that you come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

    Do you know why he wanted to sell instead of compete?

    1. 1

      Yep, I do! He wants to focus on another space that better matches his line of work.

  4. 2

    Congrats. What were the terms of the deal?

    1. 2

      Thanks! Basically, I paid him some money and he sent over a list of his users and gave me access to his code so I could learn from it. He also linked to my site and told his users about it. That was pretty much it! Pretty un-official.

      1. 2

        Got it. Pretty neat.

        Was there any money exchanged in this transaction? How much did it cost you?

        1. 1

          There was. It wasn't a ton though.

          1. 2

            Under $1,000?
            Between $1,000 and $10,000?

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