I Acquired a SaaS Same Week I Became a Dad

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    I acquired an email CRM I loved that was shutting down. 2 days later I found out I was going to be a dad. Been struggling to keep up for months.

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    Congrats on both events, Andrew!

    Quick question: if you are trying to run Pigeon the same way Pat did, how are you solving the large fees of using Google API?

    Sorry to hear about the user base crashing. I think you have a great story to both re-engage users (as a fellow user who loved the service so much that he had to buy it and make it work) and serve your target audience, creators. You can grow by going on podcast tour or through affiliates and partnerships with productivity course creators for creators, newsletters etc.

    Glad to hear you boy is healthy and tough 💪

    Good luck!

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      I am solving it by paying for the security audit.

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    As a dad of 2 (soon to be 3) kids, I totally understand the feeling! It's overwhelming at times but incredibly fulfilling. You'll have less energy but a new source of motivation: building to provide a great future for your family! Best of luck

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      so the feeling of always being tired never goes away?

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        It definitely goes away! Each milestone your kid reaches like sleeping through the night, walking, etc. is a huge lift IMO. Right now both my kids sleep on their own through the night so I'm sleeping great. Of course, that'll change when the next baby is here...

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          I see, I see. It's happening in rapid succession now. Not yet walking but each month seems huge progress.

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        Firstly, Congrats!

        Secondly, yeah you will find you need to box more cleverly with your time. It's definitely a game changer. But I am sure you will find that it's a game changer in all the best ways.

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          I used to be terrible at context switching, yet always running multiple projects. And seems my context switching abilities never got better. Still terrible. So working now on decreasing the amount of projects I'm working on. Which is a bummer for those that actually make some money, but not enough to be worthwhile long term.

          I'm looking at Time Boxing as a skill to acquire, is it possible? I can put down a lot of stuff on my calendar but one cranky nap missed and it blows the planning for the day out of the water.

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            Decreasing the amount of projects I'm working on.

            I'd say that's a shrewd move to do that.

            Time Boxing

            Yeah I never managed to work like that personally, but I know others are very good at it.

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        The feeling of always being tired increases at an exponential rate relative to the number of children you have.

        Disclaimer: I don't have any experience parenting children who aren't toddlers; it's possible that things change post-toddlerhood

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          Time will tell. I've seen the horrific youtube videos of toddlers who wake up with violence on their minds. babies don't do that.

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      Thanks! Looks like we're both Pigeon-ers :) How is ServerPigeon going?

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        LOL. Yes! Still trying hard to get it off the ground.

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          can i try it? Can ServerPigeon support Pigeon? !

          start an indiehacker flock.

          but might not want to include pigeon.ly in our indiehacker flock.

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            Great idea! Yes, for sure, you can use ServerPigeon, go ahead and if you have any questions, hit my email at hi[at]staticmaker[dot]com.

            By the way, let's connect on Twitter.

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    Incredible story! Seriously cannot imagine going from "I'm going to be a dad" to "I'm a dad" in the timespan that you did; it definitely took me months to wrap my head around and fully process.

    Congrats on sticking with it! Looking forward to following along with Pigeon 🐦

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      I kept it together really really well for like the first few hours. But it got the better of me. It's taken me months to fully internalize anything.

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        I totally believe that.

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    Congrats, Andrew!

    What a pleasant surprise.

    One moment you're a regular dude, then without much notice you've become a dad.

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      Quite a big sweet sweet surprise!

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    @AndrewKamphey this is going to be me in 4 weeks!

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      Congrats! Get as much sleep as you can now.

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    Hey @AndrewKamphey, would you be down to come on my pod 'Fund Stuff'? Would love to chat through some execution ideas on how you plan to run Pigeon!

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        awesome, I'll dm you on twitter.

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    Congrats Andrew! It's a 2x1 🎉👏👏

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      feels so special, like a kmart blue light special. 2 for 1 😂

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