Design and UX September 14, 2020

I am a 7+ years experienced product designer looking to create practical UX online courses for devs - What would you like to learn?

Jim Zarkadas @jimzarkadas

In the last decade of my life, I have been building and designing web and mobile apps. I built an agency where I reached €120K ARR and I led the design team of (5m+ unique users).

Three months ago I decided to quit everything and focus only on IndieHacking to sell value instead of time. I realized that education and sharing of knowledge are what I enjoy most. It has always been a passion of mine and now I have the opportunity to fully focus on it.

I would like to create UX courses for developers to help them become more independent and become able to design high-quality products. What would you like to learn? What are some design struggles you have at the moment?

P.S. By UX I mean things like user testing, UX writing, prototyping and so on. UI has been already taught perfectly by

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    Great to see you embark on the next leg of your journey Jim! I think there's a lot of ground that is yet uncovered in terms of designing UX for products from end-to-end. User testing is important, sure, so is copywriting.

    In terms of prototyping, I suspect that most developers are likely to prototype in code vs using a prototyping tool like Framer, inVision, or Principle.

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