I am building alternative for twitter analytics - want to get your feedback

Lately I've been building a twitter companion web app. It already has nice and clean detailed analytics, notifications sent to telegram and email and multiple account support. I haven't pushed the product very much in terms of marketing to gain exposure as I want to achieve good market fit and ideal feature balance before doing that.

I would highly appreciate the feedback and ideas of features that you would consider very important for your personally to use app like this. For example: tweet scheduling, thread scheduling, some other analytics which is not currently present etc. Thanks!

You can use the app for free while it's still in beta with all the features:


  1. 2

    Why did you choose Telegram? I see most chat-based tools here are Slack-based.

    1. 1

      Telegram and Email integrations were easier to build + I seek more general audience so slack as more corporate tool lost in terms of target audience to telegram which has general audience

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    Pretty neat tool! I'd love to see an integration with Slack too.

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