I am building an Airtable competitor, what would be key features you would like?

Hi , We are buidling an XLS/DB hybrid as a basis for No-code or low-code building. Airtable looks like a great tool but very fast the price goes up. We think it should be possible to build a more economic solution when you are setting up an nocode stack. But is that what you need ? all feedback is welcome

what would make you switch from airtable (or start with an xls/db hybrid)
  1. more records per base
  2. more people to colaborate for free or at a base pricepoint
  3. better integration options
  4. better gui options
  5. i prefer google sheets over airbase as its free
  6. nothing can convince me to switch
  1. 1

    I still can't tell what the hell AirTable is or why people like it so much.

  2. 1

    please let me know if you wish to receive a beta invite and help define features

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