I am building the first side project in public - The Struggle of Idea

This is my first ever post on indiehackers . Yes I am starting my first ever side project . "Indiehackers" is always been suportive towards side-projects.
I am document my learning and this is my first article in that series . I really what feedback about the ideas . Please feel to comment


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    Hey there, since this is the first side project, I would suggest that you pick the one you are most interested in. Because you will need all the motivation you can find and if it’s something thatis boring to you, then you won’t get far.

    Secondly, start small, super small.


    Also this podcast episode 178 of Indie Hackers.

    On the other hand, great that you have decided to do the side project. That’s the first step 💪

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      Really good advice dude ❤️☄️

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      Thanks, @JanKosutnik for great device. On hunt to super small product

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    Welcome to the build in public fam 🙌

    I'd suggest you to start with the simplest possible idea in terms of execution. Make something super small.

    Here's an example of what I did few months ago: twiz. It's so basic, that it even has no backend.

    I want to also invite you to Haptic. It's a platform for the build in public enthusiasts like me, you and many more there -> Haptic.so. You can even browse the products that are currently being built in public and grab some inspiration from there :P

    Enjoy your journey ;)

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      I've been struggling with where to start because I can't figure out what small problem to solve. What problem does twiz solve?

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    I love this! I'm brainstorming too. If you'd ever like to brainstorm together, let me know!

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    Don't ask the community to choose what you should build. Ask us how you can choose wisely. How to brainstorm and validate the idea. Start by reading The Mom Test. To check each idea, make sure you can find the people who will need this, and then talk to them (using what you learned from this book). In most cases, you'll have to adjust your idea to what people actually need, or throw it away. From the remaining list, choose what you like the best.

    Also, join https://kern.al. I can send you an invite.

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      thanks , will keep in mind

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