I am launching my product soon, would love your feedback!

Hey everyone,

Constant back and forth calls, frequent iterations, clients constantly asking for design changes. Yes, I have been there and seen that. I know how difficult it is, to handle different teams when it comes to web development.

For the past year, I have been working hard to develop my own design product, www.ruttl.com which addresses this exact crucial pain point of visual collaboration.

Recently I have started handling out beta access for my product. After the product is fully optimized, I will be launching the product officially.

I would love it if you could head over to www.ruttl.com and review my product. Any comments, suggestions, reviews, critiques are fully welcome! I would be happy to review your website in return!

Have a great day ahead!

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    Hi Harsh,
    Ruttl has lots of potential for team collaboration. Your website is beautiful, easy to read, and straightforward. Hope it’ll be a great hit!

    I’d love to add Ruttl to the directory for UX/UI/graphic designers that I'm building at Doesign.co. If you are interested, please complete this Product Form for founders and Ruttl will be automatically added to the database.

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      @musado Thank you so much for feedback! I will be launching the product very soon.

      Thanks for approaching with the message. I have gone ahead and filled up the form for ruttl.

      Let's stay connected!

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        Thank you, Harsh. I received it. I'll email you when I launch.

        Followed you on Twitter.

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    How was your launch? Do you have any tips? Asking for a friend | paperless.io

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      @Garreis_Jonathan Very close to the launch actually! I'll drop you a reply on this thread once the launch takes place! Till then, let's stay connected!

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    I'm a bit cynical about the live-editing thing: does it encourage testing the change in different breakpoints (or at least document which breakpoint the change has been made in?)

    Good work on the struggle-first lead-up in your post above. Makes us respond by saying "he gets what I'm going through".

    Good luck!

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    Hey @harshvijay, I was going to do a video about your page but here's a little taste of what's coming as I didnt have the chance yet:
    H1 - it's compelling enough that I want to stick on your site a little bit longer
    H2- I think you want to highlight the fact that this works on ANY website, but it's also scary that you say this, because what about my localhost website?

    Video - cool I got it.

    Section2: How does this work, I don't get it? I thought this was about feedback but now I can edit the website?

    What to expect section: I don't get this again, is this tool already in BETA, from the previous section it looks like you've got some features going but you're saying NOW that you've got some more of the same features coming out soon? So what is it? Maybe this is a section where you talk about the Ruttl way of getting feedback compared to the way people do it today - instead ?

    My questions for you: What is the issue that other tools can't fix? How much is this gonna cost? What are people losing from using these other methods/tools that aren't as good as Ruttl? Ultimately what's ur USP? Any social proof? Who's behind this idea, who's in the team?

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    Nice looking product. Congratulations.

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    This is one of the better landing pages I've seen lately. Clear headline, clear picture that demonstrates what the product is about.

    You could create a job post on Upwork, hiring for designers asking to do a small fix to a web-page and ask them to do the fix using your tool. That way you can see the response from your real target audience.

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      Thanks for the appreciation @zerotousers! Being a designer myself, I run a design agency called www.brucira.com myself. The idea behind this product originated after I tried creating a product to solve the issue of collaborating with creative team.

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    Hey there 🙋‍♂️, I complied some feedback for you. Let me know if you have any questions.


    Under normal circumstances - How likely is it that you would have closed the tab already after a few seconds? Usually, a visitor of a websites decides in 5 seconds if they want to stay a bit longer or not.

    [] very likely
    [ ] I'm not sure
    [x] not likely

    Why is that 🔝?

    • The design is great. Looks super nice and clean. The headline is short and the video caught my attention. I wanted to know more about this.

    Is the overall design appealing to you? A well designed product or service is the first thing we notice. It does not to be fancy to impress. Often less is more.

    [ ] I don't like it at all
    [] It's not great
    [ ] It's OK-ish
    [ ] It's pretty neat
    [x] I love it

    Anything in particular that you like / dislike from the design aspect?

    • I like pretty much everything. Colors, fonts, illustrations and in particular the combination of screenshots with "mockup-like" background images on those screenshots.
    • The only thing I didn't like very much was the mix of styles in the illustrations (the illustration on the footer is just in a different style than the others)

    Is it clear to you what the service / product does? One of the hardest thing to do is clearly communicating what a service or product does and why it is relevant to the user.

    [ ] Not clear at all
    [] I'm not sure
    [ ] I think I know
    [x] Yes, could be clearer though
    [ ] Yes. Absolutely!

    What could be clearer?

    • The first question that I had was "sooo, is this just for design tools like figma and sketch?" Even watching the first couple of seconds of the hero video didn't answer this. The second section title makes actually a much better headline as it is not as vague.

    The biggest problem that I have is that I'm not completely sure who is your ideal user. I suggest you specify this on your landing page (e.g. Perfect for freelance designers and small design teams).

    In your own words: what is the purpose of the Service / Product? What is it offering? It's super important to learn how others would describe or rephrase the project's purpose.

    • Providing Website Design Feedback in seconds. No setup needed.

    Do you feel being in the target audience?

    [ ] Absolutely not
    [ ] Most likely not
    [ ] I have no idea / maybe
    [x] Well, kind of
    [ ] Hell Yes!

    🔝 Why do you think so?

    • I like helping people by providing website feedback for founders. I used to do feedback videos. Today, if I could share a link to people where they can see their website with annotations and small design changes... this would be great.

    General comments and questions for you

    • As mentioned above, it's pretty neat in general. Whats missing is that you openly address who's your target customer group.


    If - at one point - you are looking to grow your audience, may I suggest trying out AudieBox (https://audiebox.com)?
    It's a tool to get notified when someone is actively talking about the problem space you've build a solution for.

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      Thank you so much for the detailed response on Ruttl.com. This was a truly in depth analysis which I needed to improve my product. All the answers you wrote were quite helpful and insightful.

      Also, audiobox seems pretty useful. I will try to look into it and see if I can use it.


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      Your Audiebox link doesn't work

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