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I am looking for people to follow on Twitter❤️

Only recently I started becoming active on Twitter and honestly fell in love with the platform. But I don't know whom to follow or what to follow. At the time of writing this post, I am following just 39 profiles and my feed is almost empty. I don't like trash on my feed either.

If you are using Twitter for sharing your Indiehacker progress or knowledge frequently, mention your Twitter profile link in the comments below and I'll follow. I like to follow freelancers, people running agencies, people building real products. I am one of you guys.

People using Twitter for the sole purpose of sharing info products should stay back. Sorry there!

And, this is my Twitter profile https://twitter.com/kalesh_13
I share my journey, experience, and views over there. My last tweet was

With Avengers no more here, the time is perfect for WB to unleash the potential of DC Universe.

Began on a good note with Justice League Recap. The what, why, and when were all clearly explained.

And left some questions to be answered later. #JusticeLeagueSnyderCut

So, yeah, you will find more than just learning materials over there🤗.

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