Building in Public November 24, 2020

I am so exhausted, but another product is out. A single place to share everything we do with other indie makers

Johan Cutych @JohanCutych

🐒 Crazy Monkeys page - a single place where we share the backstage of how we craft purposeful products with love.

This is just the beginning - a blank page. It will grow, more amazing resources will be added and we believe it will become a valuable resource for everyone who decides to follow an indie maker journey.

To be honest working on 12 products in 12 weeks together with pushing Welder hard every day with new features is super exhausting.

But every little victory, every small launch is so energizing. Thanks to each of you who follow our journey.

Now you can really join our backstage by signing up for our newsletter. Tutorials, workshops, and amazing frameworks are coming.

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    That's impressive Johan. Why the 12 products in 12 weeks? That indeed seems like an incredible amount of work.

    And will you focus on building out 1 or 2 of those once the 12 weeks are over?

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      Those are some on point questions!

      It's a lot of work and it seems (and tbh sometimes is) a bit schyzoprhenic. But it's actually made to serve one goal and that's to build a sustainable way to make a living by doing what we love - building purposeful products.

      For that, we need assets to help us along the way. For example we made as a first sprint, to help us produce great content, that will result in getting attention. And there is more like that.

      So after the 12 products are done, some of them are going to be an asset for our main businesses (currently Welder and Sponseasy) and others will live on their own - like that will be run by people from Crazy Monkeys that love those products.

      I believe @Jordan971 will have something to say about it too.

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        Cool, thanks for the explanation! Very cool, and also very impressive — I'm already super busy working on 2 projects simultaneously, let alone 12!

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      Hey there,
      excellent question!

      Maybe my first post on Linkedin would help getting some context:

      Blank page has never been an issue for me. It's actually even the opposite: the great flow of taking an abstract idea to life, with pixels or not, is the most addictive gift I've been given.

      In a "classic" economic world, distraction is the enemy of success, they say 😔.
      In ours, "creativity" and the power of creation, crafting digital or physical concepts, objects, products or services and allow them to just exist out of our crazy monkey mind is part of what makes us alive 🙈🙉🙊.

      From tech product to community building, events, music and so much more, we have personally and as a team produced a lot.

      And for the first time in 7 years, we want to share this journey with you ❤️."


      What we are trying to do here, is building things we feel a surge to exist but also making sure that this things serves as ASSETS for us and not "weight" 🏋. we see it as stairs if properly executed.

      All this is actually a lot linked with our life style: we are travelers, a remote team, extremely creative and decided to stay bootstrapped for now even if we had major fundraising opportunities. Co-Creation and synergies with a diversified business model is, at this stage of our life, the best model to fulfill our crazy monkey mind and the reality of the market.

      On my side for example, I even have a coworking space in the Caribbean ( & Miguel is a pro athlete.

      "Startup" is over rated for us. We are going after something else.

      It's not typical. And it doesn't have to. It's us, at this stage of our life 😃.

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        Cool, well I do think it's a great goal to have. It just seems a bit overwhelming from my point of view ;)

        Also, I added you on LinkedIn 👍

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          it can be actually, it's true :) Let's see where it leads us !

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    Now people can name us. We exist as brand :)

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