October 21, 2019

I am working on uisuite.io need your feedbacks

Hello hackers,

I am working on https://uisuite.io which will have may features like form backend just like formspree (https://uisuite.io/products/forms-backend/) with more features added to it weekly, then I am thinking of adding notification system which is still in alpha phase... and many more

I am the single guy working on everything, from frontend to the backend to marketing stuff...

Help me to build this product by using and giving your feedback, in return if you like the service, I will give free access to you for all the premium features which are added or will add in the future.


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    Hey Arvind, I like your form backend product. I use webflow for many of my client projects, webflow stopped supporting forms for static sites due to GDP.

    Since then I have been using formspree. The problem with formspree is that everytime I push new changes I need to authenticate formspree which is a pain. Your form backend product could very well be an alternative.

    I'll try it out sometime this week.

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      Hey Nakkeeran, thank you for looking into my site and giving your feedback.

      I'll surely consider this and keep on improving the product

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    Hey @heyarviind,

    I just had a look at your site and just wanted to mention some errors I've found. I'm not sure if the site is still under construction.

    • The "Products" menu items in the header nav bar, don't link anywhere.

    • The "Blog" menu item goes to a 404 page.

    • Below the "What people say about us" title, there's nothing other than a signup box.

    Just thought I'd mention these things, good luck with your product :)

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    Hi, first thing I’ve noticed is that it’s not mobile friendly...