I analyzed 37 bestseller online courses and these are the 10 slides that you need to create yours

When you search for premium templates for online courses and start looking at the slides, what do you find?

Fancy graphs. Big numbers. Animations. Stats. World Maps.

So if you want to create your own online course and teach it using slides, you may think you have to use that.


I decided to analyze the best courses and webinars out there from people that are making thousands of dollars, some of them, even millions. I wanted to understand what type of slides and visuals the top content creators were using.

I was very surprised after analyzing a couple of them.

No fancy graphs. No stats, no world maps, no bright and shiny visuals.

So I checked more.

I went through 37 top online courses and webinars and... all the slides were fairly simple.

Here are the 10 types of slides that professional content creators are using for their online courses. And this is all you need to create yours.

1. The Main Title

This is where you present your course, the title of your lesson, or the main idea for your webinar.

the main title of the slide

2. What are you going to learn slide

Here you introduce what's coming. People like to know what to expect from the lesson or for the webinar. Normally 3 main points work best.

what are you going to learn

3. Where are we in the course

A reminder of the situation of the student, how far are we within the lesson, within the module, or within the course.

where are we

4. Alternative Slide Title

Similar to the main title, but almost all courses have an alternative way to show another title.

alternative slide title

The Content

There are different ways on how to go about teaching the material, these are the slides used for that:

5. A one-line concept

Use to explain one concept or idea. You show it on the screen and explain it further talking over it. It goes along with a number generally.

one-line concept

6. A photo on the left (or right) with a text

It could be a photo of a phone or tablet with some freebies you are offering. A photo of a person. Uses go from telling people to wait until the end of the webinar, showing a testimonial, or telling a story.

photo left

7. The Big Photo

Similar that the previous one. A very common use for this is to show a picture of something funny.

big photo

8. Long Text

Sometimes you need more text, and this is what this slide is about, to make people read. That's not recommended, but sometimes could be useful.

the big title

9. A quote

Almost 100% of the courses I analyzed have quotes.

the quote

10. Wrap up

A list of the previous one-line concepts into one full slide where you can give a resume of everything you talked about. Very useful to wrap-up your lesson.


If you don't want to create them yourself, I have something for you

I created Google Slides and PowerPoint Templates based on this research and made them available for free at slideslist.com. So you can have a starting point to create your online course or webinar.

So if you this article, please, give me a happy moment and buy me a coffee, or two: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/jrleonr.

  1. 2

    José, great summery, thank you! Have you seen a consistency in course parts? Like how many topics the course covers? In your wrap up, four looks like a consistent number.

    1. 2

      Hey Maeva - No really. That depends a lot on the course. Normally there are between 4-8 modules with 4-6 lessons, but there are no rules.

  2. 1

    @jrleonr - not to hijack this conversation but, I have a hypothesis that a goodly number of your insights could be transferable to the (online) coaching/training/tutoring/instruction/consulting community - what say you?

  3. 1

    Cool idea and awesome simple site! What did you create the site with? Is it a template or...?

  4. 1

    Thank you for the info.

    1. 1

      I am happy that you liked it!

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