I analyzed tweets from indie hackers that convert. Here's a summary:

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    It wasn't easy to understand maybe due to my tiredness. However, the names I saw are just a circle of people promoting each other.

    So any inference in my humble opinion is baseless, it's not related to tweeting a lot or less, provide "value" or not. I assume that those pikes happened when they release their stuff and shared their dashboards all day long.


    Curious ones can follow the chain over https://socialbearing.com/

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      Thnx for sharing the tool! 🙏

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      Having a circle of promoters is also a part of the game. They serve as amplifiers which might be enough to get your content in the eyes of your intended audience.

      That might look like cheating, but is it? Nope! It's a strategy and Strategies differs. Some might seem unethical to our personality at times. However, if it works, it's worth doing!

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        You make a really interesting point that I've recently started to notice on Twitter.

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        I'm all in for genuine circles not the artificial ones based on beneficiaries.

        Today I saw a funny tweet, along with a better response. "Divorce Bezos". Well it works, should we all marry with the rich ones.

        All I was trying to tell there is no lessons for me to take from their twitter growth. Here is the most liked tweet from one of them;


        Is this the provided value everyone keep talking about*????*

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          I get your point anilkilic.

          I'm guessing you're a man of minute details. Great! Personalities reflects in the content that comes out of us - a reason we might feel odd about others.

          In my opinion, those are their personal ways to engage with their audience.

          For Monica, her 2 viral threads was actually about her experience building her products. Here are they if you want to see for yourself



          Did you notice it was only her December that got featured? January wasn't. The tweets above made the difference.

          My bad, I should have include references to these.

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            And that goes for others in the top 10. An exception will be for an account I couldn't justify the reason of growth, I stated this in the thread as well.

            Like you, I'm weary of odd tactics as well. More reason I was curious to spend days doing this. I have a different view now. I'll be sharing more details the newsletter.

            Thanks for taking your time sharing your perspective. Really appreciate!

            Any suggestions on what you think will make it more understandable apart from examples?

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    Interesting tread. Quite the twitter noob here, but are these the takeaways? @Toheeb

    1. Treads
    2. Consistent posting
    3. Circle of promoters
    4. Content with personality
    5. Engage with the audience
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      You're on the right track. I noticed, it's Easier to grow quickly with threads. Your choice.

      I would say consistent value instead of posting. And consistent doesn't have to be everyday. @julian posts threads twice per week.

      Circle of promoters makes it easier to get more impressions. It's left for you to judge based on the engagement you have outside of the circle.


      By the way, I'll be sharing lessons from my research in the next free guide. You can subscribe at https://useMakerNotes.com

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        Ah yes, the consistent value makes sense. Thnx for the link ✌

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          You are welcome! I'm glad I can help

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    I can confirm that if you really want to grow super quickly, threads are the way to do it. And they're not necessarily much harder than normal tweets.

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      I just posted to the Twitter group about trying my first one yesterday!

      On 538 followers and not asking for RTs from anybody, the biggest tweet has over 200k impressions, 120 retweets and I've gained 60 followers so far.

      It was just a 5 tweet thread and quick to write.

      I spent several minutes strategizing and trying to think of what kind of thread would incentivize engagement before writing anything, though.

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    Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to tweet MANY times a day.

    = 1 Viral THREAD.. and/or ..Value-Packed TWEETS.

    • consistency (especially in value)

    For 99% of people, tweeting MANY times a day is 99% easier than producing one Viral THREAD.

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      Yes. That's true in most cases.

      When it comes to @monicalent's style, sure it does. I can testify to this too.


      Funny enough, @leonagano had the highest conversion rate and the thread he wrote was copied and pasted. That's Few minutes and he bagged 15M impressions, 1.3k + followers...

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        What you said is obvious. If somebody creates a viral tweet he/she will win.

        It's not the question.

        The question is HOW to create a viral tweet?

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        I was browsing the web and came across that interesting story and decided to make it easier for people to read, rather than going to the article's website.

        I've never done it thinking of going viral, earn more followers or any "Twitter growth hack" (that's my view, not condemning people who want/do it). It just happened. My plan was not to have more followers just for the sake of it.

        My idea with Twitter is to have more conversation, exchange information, meaningful connections, etc. I've been doing it (via DMs) and also found people, via Twitter, here on IH.

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