I assist startups in pitching their ideas!

As a first-time entrepreneur, I was nervous about starting my own business. I've always been good at presentations and worked in a company where I was responsible for a large number of investor presentations.

I recently decided to leave my job and start my own company where I assist startup founders in creating their investment decks. I, along with my co-founder, personally get on a call with the startup founder to understand their idea.

We begin working on their Pitch Deck and financial model immediately following the call and deliver a designed deck to our clients within 2-3 weeks.

And I am proud to say that we have been profitable since the first month, and several of my clients have also received soft commitments from investors (we do not offer investor connect service).

If you are a startup founder in need of assistance with your Investment Deck and financial model, I would be delighted to help.

Please visit our website if you require assistance-- https://bit.ly/3xxve5V

Or you can reach us at [email protected]

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