I bootstrapped Listnr to $150k in revenue and 7000 users in under a year. AMA!

Hey 👋 I'm Anan Batra, founder & CEO of Listnr {We help users create production-ready podcasts in minutes instead of days}

In less than a year, me and my Team have bootstrapped Listnr to $150k in revenue, going from a super buggy product to many successful launches!

You can read more about our journey here 👇 https://www.listnr.tech/blogs/how-we-scaled-listnr-from-0-to-dollar150000-in-revenue-in-1-year-ckt0isc0l00871zpk0jb0ml2t

Feel free to AMA, anything from Personal, growth, SaaS or if you wanna share some dank memes, that's cool too :)

Btw, we're raising our Seed round on WeFunder, if you're someone who's raised before or would like to be a lead investor for Listnr, feel free to HMU at [email protected]


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    Cool story ,
    Can you share what tech stack are you using ?
    And how much of the revenue the tools / API 's you are using take cut from the profit ?

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    Hi Anan, Appreciate it.

    How was your marketing and sales effort during initial days?

    I spent 2 hours making a new page for Text to Speech software and also listed your product. I shall keep it on top positions until I get a monthly sponsor.

    Write to me for any edits.

    I also welcome you to be part of the little SaaS community I am building.


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      Hey Venkat,

      Thanks for the mention :)

      "How was your marketing and sales effort during initial days?"
      --> Our aim was to find where our target audience was on the internet and then try to promote Listnr in those certain communities (in our case it was LTD Facebook groups where a lot of people found use cases for Listnr)


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        Oh good. Understood LTD does help Founders to get momentum. Thanks and good luck Anan!

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    Been watching it evolve since the early days. Great work!

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      Thanks @GeorgeW - appreciate it :)

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    Awesome! Good luck with your seed round - I think your product looks really promising.

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    Hey Anan, I'm currently validating a small project of mine, but it seems some are reluctant to convert to paid users, what was your strategy on converting a free to paid user, or indeed gaining a paid user straight away?


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      Hey @SamD - our initial strategy was to get as much feedback as possible which got us paid users as a result.

      We ran a private LTD (lifetime Deal) initially and then got our first 100 paid users from that :)

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        This sounds like a "Do things that don't scale!", and it certainly paid off! Really interested in the LTD aspect too :)

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    Hi Anan,

    From the article you mentioned it come from your own problem, but I'm curious about if you have any knowledge in the Podcast area before, or you jump into it for doing your own Podcast, and then with that knowledge, you started Listnr?

    My question here goes in the direction of: should I be an "expert" on the area I'm creating a solution for? That is something freezes me in the idea phase

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      Hey @douglascorrea!

      "My question here goes in the direction of: should I be an "expert" on the area I'm creating a solution for? That is something freezes me in the idea phase"

      • I would say that you don't have to be an expert to start something, although continuous learning in the field will definitely make you an expert. I didn't know a lot of things about the podcasting space when I started out. But now I know a lot more :)

      Hope that answers your questions :)


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    Hi, good work!
    Do you have partners? if so what are some insights you have on working better together?

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      Hey @agam!

      We don't have any partners of sorts, our entire team is in-house and we're doing the product development and marketing in-house as well! :)

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        I meant co-founders :)

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    👋 Hi! I would love to know your thoughts on a few

    1. where and how to find an audience for your product?
    2. How do you increase the sign-up to subscribe ratio of a SaaS?
    3. What's your advice for younger folks who want to build and scale their SaaS product?
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