I bought a web app with zero revenue, and grow it to $2,000 revenue.

I built LiveQ after buying a very small SaaS app.


I want to share the story and what I learned.

The app I bought is:

  • zero revenue
  • about 300 active users (signup was not required)
  • growing 100% organically in 3 years
    I thought this is a good product because it has organic growth and some famous companies use it(for free, though).

How I grow it:

  • Built a new app
  • Shut down the old app I bought
  • Redirect to the new app
  • The new app(LiveQ) has a signup system and a few more convenient features.
  • I set the viral hook that is so-called "Powered By Marketing". We set the link on the footer "Powered by LiveQ".
  • 3 months later, I created a few more features for the paid plan.

6 months later after I set a paid plan, it has generated $2,000 in revenue.

What I learned:

  • Zero to revenue is very difficult
  • So It is so good that you bought and shortcut to the revenue
  • Viral works a bit
  • Viral works a lot if your product experience is very good like Miro, Canva, or Figma ( that is the main focus that I am doing )


  1. 2

    where did you buy the website ?

    1. 1

      I contact the owner directly, from the contact form and set up a zoom call.

  2. 2


    What stops people from using the q&a features in all the event apps(Hopin, Airmeet, etc) to ask questions?

    How does LiveQ differentiate from those?

    Is the $2k recurring or LTD? How much is your MRR?

  3. 1

    How much did you buy it for? What are the future plans?

  4. 1

    @shunya Way to go! Couple of questions. 1) Could you talk about the new tech stack that you are using? 2) Do you monetize 100% from paid subs, or do you have a mix of ad rev? If you have ad rev, then what % does it make up, and what channels are you using?

    1. 1
      1. Vue.js/Nuxt.js, Firebase(Auth, DB, Hosting)

      2. Yes. It has no ads.

  5. 1

    Hey. Good one. Are you open for short interview for Microns.io blog?

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