I build cross-browser Spotify web extension

I have been developing & maintaining the cross-browser Spotify web extension for almost a year.

  • This is the small add-on that allows controlling music while you're surfing a website
  • This also supports you to "Highlight the text + Right click" to search the song via Spotify

This extension has more than 10k downloads in Chrome web store.

You can check it here: https://spotify-extension.netlify.app/

Please if you guys have any feedbacks. I would like to hear.

Thank you very much for reading this!!!

  1. 1

    Over 10k downloads is impressive. No feedback since I don't listen to Spotify.

    Though, did you do any marketing (where users come from)? Any revenue (or maybe just a fun project)?

    1. 2

      I am asking for donation, but I haven't received much. I did some marketing via social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin and reddit. Just do the best as I can. Any helps is welcome! 😂🙏

      1. 1

        I'll bring this up if I know someone is using Spotify.

        Maybe add premium features and charge for it?

        I use BlockSite everyday. It started as a simple site blocker (to not be distracted while working). They managed to add more features like custom the block page, focus mode then charge for it. Though I think the core feature is still the site blocker.

        Not sure if you can pull something like that? Since you already got lots of download

        1. 1

          You could use ExtensionPay if you wanted to charge!

  2. 1

    This is cool, Search Spotify feature is very cool 👍

  3. 1

    Great work, David! Good luck 😄

  4. 0

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