I build websites. With the whole covid-19 crisis nobody can afford to buy them. So I had an idea...

I was putting together websites for clients right as the coronavirus pandemic struck and the interest just fell off a cliff. Maybe I'm wrong but I think people still want to build stuff -- they just can't afford it right now. I talked to a friend and we came up with an idea. I want to test out web dev "financing." The idea being to let people pay over time instead of paying us all at once. Any other large purchase like a house or a car or a boat has financing terms that let you pay over years, so I thought if websites were the same way maybe it would encourage more innovation?

I dunno if it's something people are even searching for. What do you think? Feedback appreciated: https://financed.dev/

Any ideas on how to explain / present the concept to people?

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    LOVE the idea and the name, @maxk42, and I don't think it needs any further explaining. It's a pretty simple concept, and your existing copy explains it really well.

    Pretty strongly dislike the design, though of course that's subjective.

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      It was just a template I picked up. I could always swap it out for another one. Any suggestions?

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    I love this idea, most definitely. It's basically the affirm and klarna of making payments to online retailers but in your case, web design. Though it would be more brandable with a unique name with a .com, this is a great start and I would hop on it right away.

    I'd recommend having a system in place that when the dev reaches 1 milestone, the customer can view a live mockup of their website on the site, kind of like a viewer and then they can highlight which parts they like, etc. When you start hiring, let me know ;)

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    I like the idea. Sounds like you are selling shovels during the Saas gold rush!

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    An update on how is this idea going would be much appreciated!

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    I think this could be positioned as a web site as a subscription. For example, $100 per month forever. Financing sounds complicated. A $100 a month website is simple to understand.

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    Greetings! How is this different than paying Godaddy, Wix, and Foursqaure on a monthly basis? I believe it would be pretty hard to convince folks. You may instead want to try a tiered percentage of revenue for each of the website you build by earmarking between $0.10 to a $2.00 per transaction. As an example if a contact form is filled out you get $x for the transaction, if a demo is booked you get $y, if a product video is watched you get $Z, etc. This ensures a recurring revenue stream and if you can keep adding customers you can start building a decent MRR. Make sure your prospective customers do have their skin in the game and make them pay for the domain and hosting for starters. Good luck!

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      I also like RaaS idea.
      Maybe even a constant fee/conversion if it fits the business.

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