I built a dashboard app to keep all your most important stats in one place

It's called Statsout and you can try it out for free at https://statsout.com without even signing up.

Statsout is yet another customizable live dashboard for online stats. All you have to do to set it up is sign in with the platforms you want to track via OAuth. No code. For now it integrates with:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Stripe

It's not meant to do a deep dive into your data and perform complicated analysis but instead help you stay on track and monitor all your online ventures from one place.

I've been working on this project on and off for a little over two years now, with many different jobs in between. This is the first time and only place I'm posting about it in public. I've made every single mistake you can think of building it. Went against all common sense and ended up broke. It would actually be pretty hilarious if it didn't happen to me. And it's not like I'm a clueless developer, I'm on HN and IH every day reading everything. And I can't stress enough how helpful and inspiring lurking here is. Thanks guys.

I actually "pivoted" three times with it, changed the tech stack and rewrote it from scratch two times. I turned it into a startup marketplace at one point. Complete with custom integrated realtime messaging and bidding system. After that it was a verified stats reports page generator thingy. Then I went back to the original idea of a simple dashboard micro SaaS.

I decided to just turn off a bunch of integrations and features I already wrote into it and release it as it is and continue building it in public. There's a custom scheduled reports system that sends you stats via email, Slack, or Telegram, the verified reports page generator from previous pivot, embeddable graphs, open startup status pages, exporting, multiple dashboards support... all turned off for now because I can't quite figure out the UX, nothing seems right, and every time I test it there's another one more thing to fix.

But it works now and I actually enjoy working on it. And I will continue to do so in public, sharing all the numbers (once I bring back the reports generator obviously). Turns out the key to productivity is deleting tasks from your to do list!

Techincal stuff:
Build with React on NextJS. Hosted on Vercel. Authentication, database and API integrations via Firebase. Graphs generated with d3 via visx. Also using redux, immer, dayjs, numeraljs, dinero, and react-grid-layout. Can't complain about this stack. All fantastic libs that I would recommend to anyone.

I would love to hear your feedback and requests and would really appreciate some help with integrating more platforms. It's very hard to build a useful graph when you don't have an active account with some data to work with.

Here are some platforms that I'm already working on or plan to integrate next:

  • Twitter (it's actually already hooked up but it just shows the total number of followers for now so I don't mention it on the landing page)
  • SimpleAnalytics
  • Spreadsheets
  • Shopify and Gumroad
  • ahrefs
  • Google AdSense and Ads
  • Mailchimp and Convertkit
  • YouTube and Twitch
  • Google Play and AppStore
    Further down the road also public data like stocks and crypto prices, weather, etc..

Any requests?

  1. 3

    Very amitious! My only feedback would be:

    • Add your email/twitter to IH profile, people might want to connect with you.
    • Add a Demo dashboard: folks may one to see how it works before connecting their accounts.
    • As for which analytics are relevant to me are: Twitter, GumRoad, Medium & LinkedIn. Possibly Hubspot too.

    What I like? Very clean landing page, with well displayed pricing.
    Good luck!

    1. 2

      Thanks Santiago! I am working on the demo dashboard right now. Twitter integration is already there but it only shows the number of followers for now. I will be adding more metrics soon. Gumroad is second on the to do list.

  2. 1

    This looks awesome!
    I am currently using Google Data studio which is great but a little bit too "heavy" to set up and use. I definitely see some use case for your tool, as it seems way easier to setup.

    One killer feature that I miss from Data studio (or I didn't find it) is to be able to fetch anything from any page, like scraping.
    For example, I like to keep an eye on my GitHub releases download numbers: https://api.github.com/repos/mockoon/mockoon/releases
    This API endpoint is public and you can get the download count from assets.[].download_count
    But I know that this would be a lot of work! Plus the fact that scraping may be borderline, against TOS, or even illegal in some cases, so you have to be careful.

    1. 1

      You know what? I will add that simple Github integration right now just because you asked. I will let you know when it's done.

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