I built an NFT Guide site. Feedback welcome!

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    Hi! Very nice guide!
    But you use default favicon, please change it.
    Svelte is power! 💪

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      Thank you! You're right - I'll change the favicon.

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    • 💔URL is rough
    • 💙 content is solid 💪and quite robust already!
    • 💙concept is pretty interesting. NFT's are such a massive space and being constantly flooded with new shit. Regardless, it's got some interesting use cases for sure
    • 💙card picture made me laugh, that's always good
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      Thanks! Yeah you bring up a good point - the space is getting flooded. I want the site to not mirror the space in that way - I don't want it to be like 20 projects competing for your attention launching each day.

      So I'm thinking, because there is so much out there, I might focus more on durable articles, like how to find projects, that won't overwhelm people.

      URL: yeah, I thought about that. Haven't ruled out getting a different domain actually. Will think on that.

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    I was actually a bit lost in understanding NFT and your small explainer made it all very clear. Love the idea! I bookmarked it :D

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      You're welcome! I've got about 6 article ideas, hope to have those up by end of week... with more to come.

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    What is your content plan for the site? Will it be individual reviews and pages created by you? Or will you aggregate NFT projects? Or provide tutorials or guides?

    Just thinking outloud

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      Hey! It looks like we have common interests - I like your NFT newsletter (and recommend people here subscribe, like I did).

      For the content plan: in the beginning I think I'll do it all myself, to guarantee the quality. Eventually, I'd like to aggregate NFT project reviews, which could involve multiple contributors and an API, possibly.

      There is a line between 'aggregator' and 'so much content it's hard to navigate' and I want to stay on the right side of that.

      In terms of tutorials and guides - frankly I'll probably use analytics to see what works, what people respond to, and give people more of that. As it happens I know how to deploy NFT's, but I'd only want to 'diversify' into dev content if it's impactful.

      For now I just want to be known as the NFT place for good reviews & quality writeups in one convenient place; I haven't planned too far out beyond that, on getting people to see what I'm doing once more is up there.

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        Awesome. All sound like viable options. And you're right, sometimes depends on what catches on and visitors find interesting

        I'm following you on IH now so can't wait to see what else you do.

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    Looks nice. How have you chosen NFTs? How can I ask you to show my NFTs?

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      I chose the NFT projects to start by searching through Twitter, but now I'm selecting artists, since I know they'll be around for a long time & will continue to attract interest.

      I added an email/comment form at the bottom, so you could leave your contact info there & more about your project, I can write it up.

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        Thank you for explanation. This is my page on opeasea. They are related to my cats. I've been not active on SNS. I was wondering why people buy NFT and where I should go to show my NFTs.

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    Looks good so far so bookmarked so I can check back later when there's more content :)

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      Thanks. In about a week, it'll be a lot more populated!

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    Website looks good to me. Frankly I don't have any idea about NFT(also crypto). Hope so I will learn something from website. 😀

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      Thanks! Your comment motivated me to write a post about how to find NFT's - that's basically what I've been doing to find out about new NFT's and educate myself.


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