I built and sold my open-source side project loficlub. Developed 4 months ago with React, hit 21k+ views. AMA!

👋 Hello everyone,

I'm Savio.

4 months ago, I built my first side project. I'm 14. I'm completely new to tech and web development. I built loficlub.vercel.app after inspiring from lofi.cafe. I launched it on PH.

loficlub.vercel.app has total of 21k+ views and average 46+ views a day. Its pretty good stats for a 14 year old.

Since the project was completely open source and free, people showed their support by buying me a coffee. I got coffees worth $200.

So, finally 1 month before, a buyer reached out to me on email and said he is interested in buying it. Everything was fast and the transaction was through paypal.

My twitter also started getting engagement and helping me grow. You can find me @saviomartin7 on Twitter

As a 14 year old, this gives me immense courage to build more and achive more dreams. This is just a start 🚀

Thank you for reading, and AMA! 😊

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