I built ResumeToPDF - professional resume builder in browser exports text based PDF. Privacy oriented. Looking for feedback.

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    Looks cool and clear, any plans for monetization?

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      Thank you! Regarding monetization, I mention it in my privacy policy:

      How does ResumeToPDF.com make money then?
      You may be asking how do we make money if we don't use ads, trackers and other such garbage?

      We keep the service running and maintain the code based on user donations. We plan on adding a tiny watermark in future to the PDF generated which can be removed with a small purchase. We hate ads and trackers and therefore don't use them.


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    I developed this. While I had prior mobile development experience, I had never built a website (other than using wix drag and drop type builders). So this is my first website I have built.

    There are a few browser based resume builders in the market but here’s a few things which I found missing in them:

    1. The number one issue was that the PDF generated was simply an image screenshot embedded in a PDF. This prevents a lot of resume parsers from detecting the content of the resume and thus your resume ending in trash. I built my site to generate actual text based fully selectable and machine readable PDF. It’s a WYSIWYG builder- so what you see in the browser is what you get in PDF.
    2. Resume generated by other sites would often break professional recommendations when it comes to font sizes, margins, spacing and readability. My builder takes care of those things by following the recommendations- readable 11.5 font size, 0.7 inch page margins, choices of different font for the heading vs the body text with proper line and section spacing etc.
    3. My builder is Privacy oriented. All your resume data strictly stays in the browser and never leaves your device. Even the PDF generation happens in the browser. There are no ads, no trackers and other such garbage. I didn’t even put Google analytics in my site as you can confirm by viewing the HTML and JavaScript and sniffing network traffic. I have a past history of privacy oriented apps and I maintain that in this site too. Here’s my privacy policy: https://resumetopdf.com/privacypolicy.html

    Let me know if there are questions and feedback! Site is brand new so looking to improve.

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