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I built self-development startup without CTO using no-code tools

Six months ago, I decided to help medical students with exam preparation and make an app for memorizing notes. I had no budget for outsourcing the agency, and previous projects I co-founded with others faded. This experience taught me to rely on myself when starting new initiatives. I believe the critical principle that successful entrepreneurs apply is "do what you can, where you are, with what you have." That's why when I heard of no-code tools, I knew it's the path for me.

I spent hours choosing the constructor for making the unique note-taking app and stopped with Bubble, as I wanted my back-end and front-end to be in the same place. I put a deadline for launching MVP in three weeks. 2 months later, I only had my sign-in functionality working :) If you have no tech background, better reserve three months and many nerves for learning Bubble.

After I came across another issue I couldn't google, I switched to Adalo and completed my prototype there. The MVP did not excite my target customers. What's more, it didn't excite me either, which was a big reason to worry.

In my accelerator application video, I mentioned that the best way to learn is to take action and share it with others. Back then, I hadn't known how to build a project around it and created an MVP that helped make associations and self-quizzes for notes. After the 25th person started comparing my project with Notion and Evernote, it was a strong signal that I was on the wrong path.

I pivoted from the note-taking app into a platform that helps you reflect on your progress in calls with new people. You take action yourself, and once a week, you share your progress in a conversation with a new person. My current stack is Tilda, Integromat, Airtable and Telegram.

In the past, I met many people who wanted to transform their lives but didn't have a right surrounding to push them forward. They tried to change but dropped their courses, projects, and books halfway. That's why I create an environment that empowers solo-founders and other learners to grow consistently. Now I'm searching for early users to try https://razum.app/ and share feedback.

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    If you have questions on no-code tools or anything else, don't hesitate to reach out at [email protected]

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