I built this tool last spring. Works like a charm, but almost no sales. How would you market it?

See it at SincerelyMe.us.

Send a letter in the real mail to anyone in the US, right from your browser.

This tool works automatically. It requires no work from me except to answer an occasional email. That's my rule for any side-projects I build.

Anyways, despite a similar tool of mine hitting #2 on Product Hunt last year, this one's PH launch didn't go so well. So it got no traction.

What would you do to market this tool?

I'm not looking for free advice. I'd actually love to partner with someone on this. I'm busy enough with my "main" project, so this hasn't got the attention it deserves.

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    Maybe position it for B2C/B2B (Sendoso comes to mind): eg: send Thank you letters to customers, partners etc.

    Could also be positioned for 'personal but professional' purposes: Send a letter to your mentor, first employer, etc.

    Or if catering to a C2C market, designing it around special calendar events like Valentines day, Christmas etc. Perhaps a feature to enter/ import your friends birthdays and send them a letter automatically?

    Also some initiation to get users to write would be helpful (templates/ onboarding assistance). Otherwise it's easy to stare at the blank letter, get the writer's block and finally give up.

    Thanks for the fun exercise!

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    I would market it to the B2B sales crowd. I would position it as a prospecting tool that helps create another touch point for sales professionals to reach out to prospective customers, and helps them stand out from the crowd.

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    Our parents love paper letters. I would try to market it this way. (read - "If you love your parents, you will buy our subscription").

    And very important - at the price tag as low as $2 you have to gain the number of letters sent by user (maybe, calendar integration or something) to get a higher LTV and a viable unit economy. Or switch to subscription model rather than one-time purchase.

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