I can provide you with mentoring and cto/tech advice for your new idea

I have just finished tweaking my website to highlight a big new direction for me, as a consultant for early-stage startups. I want to sharpen my skills ready for selling so would love to do this with you.

If you would like a free 30 minute consultation to discuss pretty much anything about your idea and being a founder, primarily from the business and tech angles then please book a call at www.steveprocter.com.

I am merging together 25 years as CEO/CTO in my own startups and even longer in IT consultancy, so my offering is very wide: CEO mentoring, advise+vision, interim CTO, prototype+MVP development and lots more.

I promise I am not looking to convert you to paid services, I just want to practice and give a little help along the way. The only thing I ask is if you find it useful then tell others.

The call will be a relaxed chat like you're discussing your new idea with a friend in a cafe. And very often I come up with my best thinking after calls when I do a bit more digging and research. So the call will be followed up with brief feedback and further thoughts.

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    My Name is Aniemeka Nathaniel..Am a business developer .
    I really love ur work and am very impressed with your passion on helping individual business grow...I will love u to help me out and mentor me through out my project

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      hey Aniemeka, thank you for your lovely message. I am happy to offer a 30 min free chat. And then you can see my rates at www.interim-cofounder.com for ongoing mentoring - I love working with new founders ;-)

      What is your project - can you point me at something so I can get an idea of what you are doing?

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    My project is building a mobile advertising and marketing platform where publisher ( developers) can make money using the platform and advertisers can also market their services this platform will also service has a database store.
    Most importantly it will focus greatly on African market....sample like inmobi and startapp .

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