I challenged myself to build a product in less than a day. I made it.

So, yesterday I was about to work on my micro SAAS and I saw that my family was going to be away probably the whole day, and that meant zero distractions.

They Pop Ups are made for Tailwind CSS and are 100% free!

So I decided to challenge myself to build the product and this what I had to do:

  • Design and build the popups.
  • Design and build the website where this will be displayed.
  • Design the logo.
  • Design the open graph.
  • Design and make favicons.
  • Pack it up.
  • Make store on Lemon Squeezey and all upload everything.
  • Deploy on Netlify.
  • Get domain and link it.
  • Wait for propagation.


  • Tweet my progress during the day.

And then.

I tweeted around 9.44 about the idea, and around 10.30 - 11.00 I was already working on the popups. I had to do some dad and husband things after they came home and it took away time from the challenge.

I was done around 23.30

It was fun feel free to ask me here or on twitter:

  1. 4

    The exact opposite of procrastination. Well done, Michael. :)

  2. 2


    are you going to continue to work on it or

    1. 2

      Yes, in fact, I am launching it on Monday for fun.

      1. 1

        How did the launch go?

            1. 1

              Actually, I just sent an email celebrating the success because it has had around 600 downloads....

  3. 2

    Congrats! This is a great example to follow. I tried to build something, but it took more than two days. I shall try to complete the next project within 24 hours!

    1. 1

      Thanks for the words.

      You should do it again!

  4. 2

    This is so cool and such a great idea

  5. 2

    Congrats again Michael, it is admirable!!

  6. 2

    Love your designs, great work!

  7. 2

    Congrats on your launch!

    FYI: I can't load the site at the moment from Europe

    1. 1

      Thank you David!

      is not working for me either now adn the DNS looks liek it hasnt propagated...but it was....


      Thank you!

      1. 1

        Seems to be working now indeed, thanks!

  8. 2

    Congrats! I challenged myself to also build an idea in just 24 hrs.

    It was great to just build a simple version of my idea and get it out to the world. I launched it on product hunt, got some feedback, and motivation.

    I think we as indie hackers sometimes overthink, and because of what others have done, compare our products with theirs. As a result we share way too late.

    I think it is a good practice if anything, just to get some validation, and see if your time is worth the effort.

    1. 1

      thanks mate.

      Agree, we do overthink, and I am guilty of that...

  9. 2

    that's so impressive Mike, huge congrats!

  10. 2

    This is awesome and inspiring!

  11. 2

    Congrats! That is an impressive feat!
    P.S: Couldn't help but notice the broken 'next.js templates' link in the footer, would have loved to take a look at those
    P.S2 : Thanks for the shoutout on twitter for my blog :)

    1. 1

      thnk you!

      Ohhh the links. I am so sorry

      Ill see them here:


      shout out? when? :-)

        1. 2

          ahhhh yay!

          I want to learn it, I looked at it and found it interesting.

  12. 2

    Well done, what an impressive feat.

  13. 2

    Amazing challenge Mike! Motivation for me to do this someday too!

    1. 1


      Go for it, it was really fun!

  14. 2

    The popups look great. Awesome designs.

    How do you expect people to use them?

    BTW: Your html file loads alpine.js, but I don't see any tags using it. Is /js/app.js intentionally not included, but the reference left in the code?

    So what I am wondering is what steps do you expect the user to take between downloading your .zip file and integrating your popups into their site?

    1. 1

      well i made this long long documentation


      I made the first navigation with Alpine, then forgot to remove it because I havnt used it.

      1. 1

        Hi Michael,
        yeah I saw your extensive documentation :D

        I think this is a really cool 24h project, but I really don't understand what your customer segment is and how your customer should interact with your product:

        Let's say I am a front-end developer and already have an e-comm site and I want to use your fancy e-mail popup. How would I go about it? As I currently see it I would have to manually copy paste the "section" from the html body and some Google Fonts from the html head. Please correct me if I am wrong.

        I really like the designs, if only the result was more usable from a developer's perspective. I would love to have the popups wrapped into some ready-made React components (including basic interactivity like closing the popup).

        So this is just me telling you what I love about your product (the design) and what still stops me from using it (the developer experience). I wish you all the best and would love to see your 24h project turn into a commercially successful project.

        1. 1


          Well yeah, all you can do right now is to copy and paste them on your Tailwind CSS project.

          About react, I had very short time, so this is what it came out on less than 24h.

          I am redesigning the popups and make them more "usable".

          I will extend the docs too, that's for sure, i just...didn't had the time.

  15. 2

    Congratulations Michael, it's insane what you can manage to complete by breaking down your tasks

    1. 1

      yeah, breaking down helps a lot, because you can see a clearer scope of the project.

  16. 2

    Congrats Michael, how do you feel after launch?

  17. 2

    Congrats man. Where there is a will, there is a way.

  18. 2


    Also HUGE respect for wickedblocks!

  19. 2

    Awesome stuff! Love the 1day, 7days challenges.
    What stack did you use?

    1. 2

      I simply used Tailwind, Gulp and Handlebars.

    2. 2

      yeah, it was fun actually!

  20. 2

    That's great you did this in a day! How was your experience with Lemon Squeezey?

    1. 1

      Lemon Squeeze was lovely to use to be honest, I really like the checkout, very clean and not a modal.

  21. 2

    Congratulations! Takes alot of discipline to do that man! I can't even sit still for an hour. Now, you can best Pieter Levels! Instead of 12 startups in 12 months, 365 startups in 365 days! Haha

    1. 1

      haha well, I really wanted to achieve, and if there is a will there is a way :-)

      to be honest is doable, if the product is little as this is.

  22. 2

    Congratulations Michael, insane you managed to do this in a day💪

  23. 2

    Congrats on launching something in a day, Michael!

  24. 1

    Cool designs, great work :)

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