I Copied Some Illustrations! 😬

Hey everyone!

If you saw the title of this post, then you read it right.

Yes, I actually copied some illustrations for my productivity tool Brutask but no I don't feel guilty for it haha!

Let me explain.

The illustration of a lady that you can see in the landing page image above was actually taken directly from my design agency's website. We reused them for building Brutask, which is mainly dependent upon my agency Brucira for funding. As a result, the team needs to balance bandwidth carefully between our agency, Brutask and ruttl (Our second product).

When we launched Brutask, all we got were 3 days to finish the website and development. The layout doesn't take much time butcreatives consume lot of bandwidth. Since all resources are shared with Brucira, we couldn't afford to make fresh creatives so we decided to reuse Brucira's illustrations for Brutask's website.

As a result, we were able to complete the website design in just 3 days and launched Brutask on the 7th December. The website got huge appreciation and also got featured as landing page inspiration on 5 platforms.

In the end, I would say that ITS OKAY to compromise on uniqueness sometimes in order to execute things faster. However you should add the unique factor at a later stage to achieve self-satisfaction :)

Hope you guys found this post useful! 💯

Have you experienced something similar in your own bootstrapping journey? I would love to hear your story too, so make sure to share it in the comments down below! 👇

Siddhita 💖

P.S - In case you are a productivity freak like me, you can try out Brutask for free. Let me know if you want any new features!

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