I could really use some help with naming my business

Hello! I am currently working on a new business I want to launch but I can't find a name. The business is about travel guides for low-budget backpackers who want to explore a city as a local. Any suggestions?

EDIT #1: Thank you all for your responses!

I am currently between:

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    I like portmanteaus so I recommend a portmanteau generator like https://www.punchlinedesign.net or http://www.werdmerge.com

    Play around a bit and you can have catchy or clumsy names like Travelanche or Guidinary or Transitizen. Me, I'm a Croissantrepreneur.

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    Hm, difficult when I don't really know your business. In this case, with this information I would work with synonyms.

    -> backpackers

    • hiker
    • hitchhiker
    • tourist
    • travellerUK
    • travelerUS
    • walker
    • globetrotter
    • adventurer

    -> guides

    • adviser
    • mentor
    • sidekick
    • pilot

    and then combine this, like globetrotter mentor or use the main words with synonymes, like backpackers pilot or little bit shorter packer-pilot.

    The whole thing could look like this:

    • BackPackers Pilot - Your guide for every city!

    For inspiration I would use NameRobot Toolbox

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    I like Localtrails best.

    Some other ideas;
    LoWcals - low cost locals.

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          I like the style of the logo. It fits with the illustrations of the guide!

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            That's good to hear.
            I like your idea and hope it comes to fruition, can add a lot of value to travellers and make great connections between people.

            Feel free to give my post a +1 if it was useful.

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    localtrails.co (available)
    cityguides.club (available)

    Someone suggested finding keyword combination. I agree with him. You can use permutation and combinations. But couple of things to keep in mind

    • check domain name availability first
    • domain shouldn't have confusing letters combination or difficult to type

    All the best, Pats.

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    I find it easy to mimic those names that are really two words smooshed together, with the first bit related to the "domain" - and the second bit just makes it sound catchy or cute (and maybe vaguely related). Eg. some example from other companies would be like Helpscout, Sendgrid, Cloudflare etc.

    So in the travel guide/backpacker space you could do things like.. Travelbud, Citykick, Guiderocket, Localflare etc :)

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    A couple I thought of:


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    Also, PackPilot.com. Not available but for sale.

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    Lucy The Local is pretty unconventional I'll admit, not to mention three words.

    But it's memorable, playful, anthropomorphizes your concept, and super brandable. And available :)

    Also, you could choose some other short name beginning with L if you don't like Lucy.

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    If you want to be unique, you could try what Adalo did on its third try. I thought it was insightful.


    Update us on what you chose. Good luck!

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      I'll check it out! Thanks!

      Of course I will :)

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    I like the .co addresses personally.

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      what does "noresos" mean?

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        No resos as in no reservations (ie Anthony

        I think that style of travelling appeals to a lot of your target audience

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    Hmmm have you tried using any of the name generator services? Like at shopify, squadhelp?

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      I did with a random generator I found on Google. I didn't know shopidy had one so I am gonna check it our right now. Thank you!

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        Cool one thing Ive always wondered is if there is a need for a different kind of name generator. Let me know if you end up finding what you seek :)

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          I didn't :( They were very few names that I liked and none of them had an available domaim.

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            Take a look at the list of tools in PH not sure if they are better than what you already tried. Some try to sell you expensive domains...


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