I created a list of SaaS Companies Ranked by Fastest Landing Page.

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    When you're looking at speed like this - is it because the speed of the page means something more than the loading time?

    I can get why a clunky, visibly slow page would put people off, but once it's 'fast enough' isn't it all the same to the average consumer?

    Or again, is it because you're looking at techie audiences?

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      When a page is slow, i normally close the tab. I think the list is some sort of an indicator of how much each of the companies cares about craftsmanship.

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      I explain on there why I chose to go with Desktop.

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    Awesome! Love this tool a lot 👊

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      Thanks, I hope to update it every month.

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    @nexusdave - Any chance you can do a loom of your issue tracker and mail it to me via
    my profile? Slow load speed... but even more so, slow UX interaction feel, is the #1 reason why I can't seem to find anything I like. Reason for the loom is I don't have time for a face-to-face right now!

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    Hey @nexusdave, that's an interesting angle. I hadn't thought about a similar ranking, but it might be interesting/helpful to people when they compare different platforms.

    I'll consider adding to SaaSHub in the recent future. Then, when people compare different products, they'd know how responsive/fast they are. Although, I'm still not sure how important that is in the context of SaaSHub...

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    Cool idea, you should add a tool for visitors to analyze the speed of their own website (or any website they would like)

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    Hey, David!

    Nice list, but all of your listed sites are slow. Your site is fast, but there is a place for lot of improvements:

    • initial load should be about 10k max, but yours is 110k
    • do you really need a 170k JS (50k with brotli)?
    • you can stripe your fonts from 30k to about 7k (15k guaranteed)
    • total of 5 JS files can be combined

    You can get some inspirations from our website: https://www.febooti.com/
    It is one of the fastest websites on the internet :D

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      Hi @Wishmesh ! Thank a lot for your feedback. Febooti is so fast!!!!! Are you talking about www.superthread.com - if yes: we are working on redesigning it. I think we are at the stage where we are ready to start sharing some screenshots. Regarding www.superthread.fyi , I put it together real quick, it gets 100 but i will optimise it further.

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        Yeah, I was writing about www.superthread.com, but now I am looking at www.superthread.fyi

        It is super fast! But you can make some tiny improvements:

        • compress your HTML (minify)
        • use brotli, or at least gzip
        • PNGs -- do webp or avif

        I think you can even get 100/100 for this site 👍

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          Thanks @Wishmesh - btw if you are opinionated about issue trackers / collaborative software we are doing users tests atm. so ping me if interested in doing one, it takes about 45 minutes.

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            My opinion about issue trackers is very skewed :D
            And there are so many use cases -- corporate, huge teams, small teams, informal, formal, etc. But I am currently on the "simple" side -- GitHub issues, BaseCamp, etc.

            I don't have 45 mins for that, but I can take a quick look if you have an online demo version where registration is not required ;)

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              Thanks @Wishmesh , it's tough without registration but I will do a video walkthrough and ping you when we are ready.

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    Hello David,

    This looks cool.

    I would like to hunt it on Product Hunt.

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      Hey @FalakDigital! Thanks! If you are talking about Superthread, we are working on it. We are nearly there with our core set of features. For example, developers tell us that they will not use an issue tracker without Github/Gitlab integration. We still haven't done it. We are working on it as hard as we can.

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        I am talking about this side-project: https://superthread.fyi/

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    Honest question - why do you think speed is the USP of your product?
    Why is it more than a nice-to-have feature when dealing with issue tracking?

    Since you're never dealing with mission critical things, I'm just wondering if that'd be enough to give the users the "Aha" moment.

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      Good question @Satch ! We live in a noisy world. Speed is something that is easy to understand by everyone. My opinion is that speed is important, however we hope that Superthread will be best in class when it comes to many things such us: high level project overview, project organisation, flexibility, issue and documentation integration, ease of finding things, uploading, etc.Btw. we are not done yet but we are doing user tests (which are brutal given the stage of the project). We would love your input if you have an hour at some stage?

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        Yeah I'm always happy to share feedback.

        I just pointed this out since it feels like a nice-to-have rather than a must-have.
        To be fully honest, I didn't do any research on competing tools and I'm not a heavy user of these tools anyways, but that was my first impression.

        From a product/market fit perspective, I just have a hard time seeing the unique benefits of speed in your case since it feels a bit marginal.

        You can argue that your product saves hours each day since it's automated/simple/well-designed and so on, but is it more attractive for your customers if there's a 50 milliseconds improvement here and there?

        Let's say Bing was returning search results twice as fast as Google, do you think most people would start using Bing? (and if so, how difficult would it be for Google to improve speeds? A dedicated team can probably do it in a few days/weeks right?)

        Either way, I might be totally wrong, don't take my comments for granted but it could be just something to keep in mind or research further.

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          Come on, who likes slow apps/sites ;-) When I experience slow app or site, I simply think of it as poor craftsmanship. Something goes off at the back of my head which makes me not take the product seriously. Our research (so far) tells us that people appreciate snappy products.

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            Nobody likes slow sites/apps.
            Also, it's obvious most people would say they prefer fast products over slow products in your research.

            The only thing I question is whether its THE major pain point when using the alternative apps.

            "Faster" doesn't always equal "better", especially when you're talking about issue tracking and collaboration. If you improve a mission critical KPI, then sure - you definitely have something in your hands.

            I'm just wondering how/if potential customers would prioritize speed over other features with these kinds of tools.

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              @satch might not be THE major pain, but it is certainly one of the major pains (especially with Jira).

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        I think it depends on the crowd you are trying to attract. If your customers are so ADHD-y they can't wait for a few more moments, how are going to expect them to type credit card information? There is no Apple Pay for everyone on the desktop (not everyone uses Macs).

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          Nobody enjoys it but somehow it's still on a market)

          Listen, sure fast sites are great, I'm not against that. I want to point out that people are going to wait if value is outweighing certain quirks or they have no other choice (e.g. Word, Excel or Windows. These are desktop, I know, but you get the point).

          It's cool to have a fast website but it is not necessary, in my opinion.

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          Come one @keeprocking everyone likes fast and snappy sites, right? I have not met anyone who enjoys waiting for Jira to load :-)

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    Please let me know if you would like to see some other resources on on the site: i.e. how to optimize a site for speed etc?

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