Twitter August 5, 2020

I created a Twitter List of Indie Hackers.

Odd Hacks @oddhacks

Hi Indie Hackers! I'm @oddhacks on Twitter.

I have created a Twitter list of 42 Indie Hackers (link below) - If you want to be added to the list drop your Twitter Handle below.

What is a Twitter list?

Lists are a powerful way to organize your twitter feed, you can make lists of accounts by topics, and each list is like a "customized feed". You don't even have to follow everyone on the list.

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      Hi Rosie! You were one of the first people I added! Thanks for the great work you do here!

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      Gotta put Rosie on the list.

  1. 3 I tweet mostly about life as a freelance developer and my perspective of startups from that viewpoint

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      Really liked your tweet on bootstrap founders vs funded founders

  2. 2

    Thanks for including Repuzen 🙌

  3. 2


    I'm trying to get the habit of checking twitter, never used it tbh. Followed everyone on the list, if I enjoy reading IH I'll probably enjoy It on twitter, and hopefully, it'll give me a motivation to open it 😂

    1. 1

      Cool! Glad it helped. If you follow the list itself, you will automatically see accounts as I add them, without having to follow them)

  4. 2, thx for adding me!
    I tweet about code, marketing and the start-up ecosystem mostly!

  5. 1

    @josberco :) This is great!! Thank you for the initiative!

  6. 1 I tweet about bootstrapped business and AI.

  7. 1

    Also... thanks for doing this, @oddhacks!

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    I'm @brendanmcadams on Twitter. I mostly post sales tips for founders, along with my own founder challenges/experiences, and interesting tech/business articles.

    Oh, and TL:DR one line movie reviews.

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    Nice. I'm @StephenAfamO on twitter (and basically everywhere 😅)

  10. 1 I tweet about building TheCodex, a bootstrapped and profitable business!

  11. 1

    Not sure if already posted, but for crypto, blockchain and random weirdness posts

  12. 1

    I'm @blakerson and I help people grow using analytics.

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    Thanks @oddhacks for doing this! Your list is one of the better ones I've seen so far and it's an excellent way to keep a pulse of the Indiehackers community on Twitter :)

    Would love to be a part of the list!

    Here's me 👉

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    @bennoland iOS dev tweeting about building my gamified bodyweight fitness app

  15. 1

    This is great! @ryanerickson for the add please.

  16. 1

    I'm at @davidgrzyb - about to get started as an IndieHacker :)

  17. 1

    I'm @marclar but lately it's been political, soooo...

  18. 1

    I'm @malone_co and will be sharing updates to my product in the coming days :) Great idea to get a list together

  19. 1 - I tweet curated content from IndieHackers.

  20. 1

    @itsddang 👋 recently joined twitter. Will be tweeting about the two products that I'm building and my journey as I dive into the growth world!

  21. 1

    I'm @pablof7z; I tweet about my journaling app Perspectiva, about the book I'm writing Indie Marketing, and I troll keynesians quoting Mises' Human Action.

  22. 1

    I'm @michaelaubry on Twitter.

    Building an online video editor and sharing the process.

    Also just hit #1 on Hacker News yesterday. So I will be sharing a lot of details around that. I hope to inspire others and help in any way I can.

  23. 1 - Mostly tweet about JS, Emulators, GO and bullshit

  24. 1
    I tweet about my journey and the other million things I'm into!

  25. 1

    I will add everyone here also to this extensive list of Indie hackers at Twitter.

  26. 1

    @JamesConverge -

    Tweet mostly about content marketing, football (soccer) and Ice Hockey. Sometimes about film and TV.

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    I'm @levinunnink on twitter. 2x founder, working on my 3rd venture. I tweet a lot about building indie apps.

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    So cool! Mine is @branunnaki, I tweet software dev opinions and cool tech products

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    Hey there! Thanks for putting this together. Love it! Could you add @CodeWithFitz on there? I'm working on a free HTML, CSS and JavaScript course for IndieHackers showing them how to create a SaaS app from scratch. For anyone interested you can sign up to the newsletter CodeWithFitz

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    @cowllin on twitter -- im running Water Cooler Trivia, and have not been tweeting much but this is probably good incentive to do so :)

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    Oh wow, I got included in the initial list! Thanks for having me part of the list :D.

  32. 1

    Thanks for sharing! @yartykim on twitter.

  33. 1

    Here you go :)
    Follow and I'll follow back

  34. 1

    That's interesting.

  35. 1

    @andrewpierno on twitter. Working on a bootstrap bootcamp at, would actually love to have you if you're interested in joining! next group starts Aug 15!

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    Followed! I'm @notrab on Twitter

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    @goodmarketinghq - i share marketing tips there :):)

  38. 1

    I'm @EmirAtl16 at Twitter and would like to be in the list!

  39. 1


    Building a nocode tool

  40. 1

    Cool! I'm @wcools on Twitter

  41. 1

    I'm @semicolonandson and make screencasts documenting the ups and downs and learnings of having been an indie-hacker since 2010.

    Combo of:

    • marketing
    • business
    • feelings (this stuff can be mentally taxing!)
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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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