I curated 400+ free, downloadable email templates from top SaaS companies like Zapier, Buffer, and Heroku - would love some feedback!

Hey guys, some of you might know me from my other projects TLDR Newsletter and Scraper API (which I sold last year). I got the itch to start building again, so I'm launching SaaS Email Templates!

I created SaaS Email Templates to be like Really Good Emails but dedicated to emails by SaaS companies. I personally curated this library of 400+ emails from top SaaS companies like Zapier, Buffer, and Heroku. 💌

The emails are categorized into either Onboarding, Marketing or Transactional with over 20 subcategories so you can easily find inspiration for any email you may need to create for your SaaS company.

Would really appreciate thoughts, feedback, and submissions!


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    Nice thanks, what platform did you use for the site?

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      I actually coded it myself because I wanted to try out TailwindCSS, I'm actually really enjoying it. I bought the https://tailwindui.com/ components.

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      Glad you found it helpful!

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    Amazing resource! Already picked up some ideas!

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      That's awesome, glad you like it!

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    Wow! What amazing and valuable work you have done. We tend to forget how important emails are - and we don't give enough attention to them. Your wonderful curation will HELP A LOT!

    It would be wonderful if you also add Hubspot and Atlassian. They are on another level!

    Lastly - can you also allow others to upload email templates (with your confirmation)? In this way, we can just go ahead and add the ones we like.

    Even more efficient, you can make an email like [email protected] -- we can just forward the emails (or series) and then you can have a backlog :)

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    Cool! More tags / sorting would be nice. I’m using it as more of a source of inspiration since wholesale copying is probably copyright infringement

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    How do you guys get away with copyrights having website like this?
    This is not some sort of PLR product.
    All those emails created by proffesionals.
    Companies actually paid money to someone to work on this and you have just copied.

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