⭐ I decided to analyze 58,950 users from Indie Hackers twitter account 🤩 (Part1)

Hey guys!
It all started just because I’m curious how to grow my twitter account better. I decided to make a mini-research & pull the public data of almost 60k IndieHackers followers from Twitter and see what I can learn & share it.

The goal of posting it here is:

  1. to share what I found so far & discuss it with someone
  2. to get more ideas what can be interesting to know besides - where to dig and so on 🙏🏻
  3. to dig deeper & provide more value 🚀

🟡 Done so far:
I’ve got names, created_date, followers/followings, # of tweets, bios of all the users
Breaking them down into cohorts + a basic analysis of the bios.

🟡 General overview:

  • 46% of users have <100 followers
    (cohorts = days from-till):

  • 52% of users follow <499 accounts
    (cohorts = followings, from-till):

  • 55% of users have <499 tweets
    (cohorts = number of tweets, from-till):

  • 66% of accounts are older than ~5 years
    (cohorts = days of account existing, from-till):

🟡 TOPs:

  • Top 10 accounts by followers:

  • Top 10 accounts by followings:

  • Top 10 accounts by tweets number:

  • Top 10 accounts by age:

🟡 Early growers:
Those who just started (<50 days) & grew past 300 followers seem to be following aggressively:
300+ followers

Accounts who grew to 500+ followers in the last 100 days look like this:
500+ followers

(looks like they either start with following others, or are really active (# of tweets), or maybe have other source of audience - eg, other social media)

But accounts who grew to 10k+ followers in the past 365 days don’t have a high following/followers ratio:
10k+ followers

🟡 Bios content:

I checked the # of bios containing some words assuming this may correlate with the audience interests/niche they are working at, etc. Here is the result:
bios overview
IH users seem to be founders with mostly technical background + there are more niches/interests that are interesting to check.

What I was even more excited to see is the ability to find the intersections of interests in particular bios. This may be a good way for lead generation/targeting particular people in a niche you are working in. For example, 'founder' + 'nocode':
bios search

🟡 Further plans & questions I have so far:

  1. Dig into the posts from particular groups of people - to analyze their content, see best posts, etc
  2. To track users' growth rate & check those who grow faster
  3. To expand the research beyond IH community (eg, to 400k+ of Product Hunt and others. Btw, 20k of IH are the PH members :))
    If other people see value in these and other insights -> to build a tool providing this information to others

🟡 Just so you know:

If you have any questions/ideas what you’d like to see from this data -> please, let me know! I'll be happy to check them & share for you. If we have enough question here, I'll be happy to make a Part2 of it.

Also if you would like to work with a tool having all this data yourself - please, leave your email in a Typeform here - so I'll know you are curious about it: https://maxreva.com/twitter.

Also don't hesitat to ping me on twitter, ofc 😅!

Thanks for reading this & hope it brings value to you guys! ♥

  1. 2

    Jeez, this is massive!!! Thank you for taking your time.

    I did something similar, I analysed the tweets of IndieHackers to understand which converts better. I shared this on a thread: https://twitter.com/ToheebDotCom/status/1371481721766559744?s=20

    It may give an insight into one of the other questions you have (on posts and engagements).

    Nice job! Like you, I was curious too. Can't wait for the next part.

    1. 1

      Thank you! Glad to check your thread 👍☺️

  2. 2

    This info is very interesting! Congrats for the initiative! Can you share what stack did you use to "mine" for data?

    1. 1

      thank you!
      sure, it's simple: python (tweepy) + twitter api + vultr server

  3. 2

    Thank you so much for sharing this! According to the tables in the post, it looks like constant activity (tweet/d avg ) pays off - this is a nice point. I'll wait for the next part)

    1. 1

      thank you!

      exactly, people with bigger audience seem to post more actively.
      I'm thinking about categorization of the content -> to be able to say, which type of content works better 😍

  4. 2

    Interesting stuff.

    https://twitter.com/Sheikhsingh 23 days old, 28 tweets, 622 followers

    Also surprising for me to see not enough community, course or bookin the bios.

    If you don't mind I have a suggestion, I surely don't know what's your plan or roadmap but as far as I get from the landing page, it sounds like a lot of work for the customer. I tried to sell a scraped list of indie hackers' twitter profiles, which included bio, numbers etc same stuff from the Twitter API, in a google sheet which would allow to filter, sort, search. Well, not many people willing to put effort to get results, they rather served in various formats. They like to see the end results with minimal or zero efforts if possible.

    I'd suggest you to read comments for that project when you have time to get an idea of the expectations.

    1. 2

      thanks for your thoughts!
      I'm definitely glad to hear about Connect & looking to research more about it. Right now I'm just curious to find what works for growing my account + have like 3 different product directions to think about - trying to understand what's more valuable.

      Also good point about the community/course/books: I didn't see them in top, so didn't check their numbers. They aren't too big, but still they are here:

      books included

      1. 2

        I had the same intent, to grow on twitter. For me I can say it's hard to do it from inside. Engange, follow, provide value, dm, dm, dm... These are great advices but doesn't always work also not easy for everyone.

        I can say building outside of twitter and funneling people down to twitter is a way to grow. Like writing here and linking your twitter handle is a way or making a fun little web app and asking for a retweet for usage is another.

        Anyways, hope you'll figure out the logical, data involved way to end our sufferings and thanks for including the table.

        1. 1

          thank you!

          well, agree with you on the 'outside' building of the audience.
          as for the 'inside' one -> I'm still experimenting with it.

          it's also not necessarily connected to the engagement/growth itself -> I'm also thinking about mining the content, for example -> it's just really wide area and I think there is still some space for a useful tool here. the real question is how to frame it to bring most of the value, though.

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