I don't know how to build an interactive audience — any tips?

Hi everyone!

A little Twitter post here. I've started doing Twitter seriously for around a week now (I know, not enough time to start drawing conclusions!) and I've been getting a lot of impressions on some posts, but little to no engagement (by engagement I mean comments & likes). I'd love to have conversations with people on Twitter but it seems that my posts go unnoticed(?)

Here's a few examples of the type of tweets I send:



Sharing stats:

I'd love to know when & how you started getting an interactive audience on your Twitter account, any help would be appreciated.

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    Try @dvassallo’s Twitter course. It helped me immensely!

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    Hi Moemin! I just took a look at your account and followed you as well.

    In my honest opinion, it just looks like any other account trying to hack for a "Twitter audience". I personally wouldn't follow if it weren't because I intentionally want to support your journey. It doesn't feel genuine.

    Have you tried growing the audience by helpfulness rather than manufacturing content? I honestly think quantity of interactions + quality of interactions with others is a killer combo.

    (if you need a bit of a boost, drop by Makerlog's Telegram and I'll give you a shout as well). Best!

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      Hi Sergio, I already follow you on Twitter (I posted looking for people who build in public and your account was recommended!).

      Can you elaborate on why you feel like the tweets aren't genuine? Is it tone? Type of content? I feel like i've provided some value in a couple of tweets, I'm sharing my progress, etc. Can't quite my hands on it tbh!

      I'll check out your product's Telegram. Thanks.

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        It's just every other maker is doing exactly the same thing, and it gets tiring.

        I highly suggest to try and stand out! Try many different things.

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