I don't know what to do on indie hackers anymore.

About a year ago, I was creating HTML templates for buildfaster.co.

Long story short, I learned a lot - despite it being a failed side-project.

I've even announced that I would take a break from indiehackers for a bit. Doing so I learned a lot about React, NextJS, and Firebase. (All are total lifesavers!!)

However after quite a prolonged hiatus, I've come back to the indiehackers.com homepage being lost. I want to create a SaaS that can bring some revenue on the side while fulfilling some tech dreams, however I have not stumbled upon an idea that is profitable and one that I have true passion for.

Now now now... don't give up on me just yet ;)

Over the past month or so I've been building other projects and growing my skills. Now I am planning to build a website hub for this sketch comedy show: Studio C (a little bit more info here: here)

Scott sterling

Studio C is pretty much a clean version of SNL.

If you have heard of Studio C, I want to let you know that I'm only a fan of the older cast haha)

So sometime in the future I might come back to the indie hacker lifestyle, but I'd say that right now isn't the right time to do so.

But anyways, I hope all of you are making great progress on whatever you are working on right now. You've all supported me from the start and I can't wait to see what else you'll make.

Here's to what the future may hold for all of us :)

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    Since you've already pinched the hornets nest, I'd like to add:

    Wtf is indie hackers anymore besides shameless self promo in every post and comment?

    It's been like a month since I've seen somewhat valuable advice on here.

    1. 1

      That’s true. I’ve been struggling with this too.

      Like, hey, I don’t care that much about this product you posted randomly. I’ve never heard of it before. Why bother posting and spamming?

      Also, 1/10 the product is actually useful.. 🙄

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    Personally I own https://grabspider.com
    I am self employed and grabspider is what I sell online. Offline, I build and sell school management software. I have customers.

    This is how I came up with the ideas.

    1. For grabspider, I noticed that while coding, I copy multiple text to other places but the computer's clipboard can only copy one item at a time. So there needed to be an improvement. I solved this problem myself and have made it a side business. It is something that I saw , someone did not suggest it.

    2. For the school management system, I started it by accident. I visited a school that had such a software but there were serious problems with it. For example, you can't search for two student if they have similar names. So I decided to build a better one, now I sell it to other schools. You will be surprised that though there are a lot of such systems on the market. Each of these systems have their problems that mine solves, also a lot of schools don't yet have this system and they say they NEED IT.

    So, I think you have to 1)probably see a problem somewhere or hear of a problem to start working on it. 2) You have to be lucky to stumble upon a problem that also will generate money.

    We live in an unfortunate world where you have to be lucky to succeed.

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      Wow! That's actually sound advice. Love your story! Wish you the best man

      1. 1

        Thanks for your feedback Syedzohaib. All the best to you too

    2. 1

      Yes, totally agree with what you say.

      Thanks for your words!

      1. 1

        You are welcome Bray. Your life can change for the better in 24hrs. Miracles happen

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    Similar place here. I'm here mostly now to support everyone else along their journey and keep my eyes out for recurring problems IH's have :)

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      Same same, just waiting for that one moment, you know?

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    Wish you luck in your career Brayden!

    1. 1

      Thanks for your support Josh!

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    Best of luck Brayden! You were one of the first few people who reviewed my product, and I will always be grateful for that.

    Hope you find what you are looking for man!

    What you seek, is seeking you.

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      Hey, how is LaunchWeb going?

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