I failed 20+ startups and here is my plan

How it went

When 23 years ago I became a student a second time, to learn how to create software, I never thought I soon would be so obsessed with the idea to launch a software business… just several years after I decided to create my very first own software product.

The reality beat me: it turned out it’s not enough just to create a product - it should be a product that somebody would need.

The second time I learned it’s not enough to create a product that somebody would need - I also had to show and convince people that they would get some profit from using it…

Then I found a brighter idea and the circle started again, and then over and over again… without any results because every time I found a reason to give up and start something new.

Burned out...

Several times I felt absolutely burned out, took long breaks and worked as a regular software developer. I also gave up the programming completely trying some art projects and even made some money - just to realize that SD was always my main passion.

I read a lot of good books but never applied my knowledge (because I thought my story is too unique).

I met great people but never tried to do something so well as they did (because I thought they are much better than me therefore I just couldn't use their experience).

Finally, I felt so tired and desperately started thinking I’m not able to make my dream truth… until one moment when I realized clearly what I was doing wrong. The next step was to create a plan, and the third step is to start implementing the plan (spoiler: I'm still working on the plan).

Why the hell and what to do

One of the things I did wrong was the fact I always tried to be in the comfort zone. For me, it meant to be shy, silent, alone - quietly writing the code until I realized nobody needed it… to overcome this specific problem I decided to step out and and start thinking and reflecting in public… what is a big step for me as a true introvert.

That is why I started my new blog. I’m going to write about what I’m doing, why, and what is the result. I will try to be transparent to the maximum and will share my new knowledge, experience, and insights.

From the very first post of my blog, you will know:

  • Which 3 problems stopped me from sticking to one idea and creating a profitable business
  • how I’m going to overcome them
  • what else should be done differently this time
  • the (incomplete) list of some of my previous projects
  • the metrics about my business I’m going to share.

The link: https://seacat.blog/first-post-whats-going-on-here-and-why/


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    You've chosen a better way to climb the mountain. The journey will still be tough but you will meet more people on the way and they will help. Best of luck!

    1. 1

      That's exactly what I'm hoping for. It scares me to the death, though. But right because of it, the scary way may be a right way.

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