I fear publishing my first tweets

I want to begin sharing my thoughts and entrepreneurial journey on Twitter, but I fear to publish my first tweets.

I've had my Twitter account for +7 years and I used to post things about soccer and music. Those tweets were super cringy so I've lately deleted them.

I have around 100 followers who are friends and acquaintances. None of them are interested in businesses/entrepreneurship which is why I'm thinking about deleting most of them in the first place.

On the side, I'm generally really worried about what others think about me, so I fear friends and acquaintances would find my tweets strange/funny.

I'm 18 years old and people of my age generally aren't interested in entrepreneurship-related topics (in Argentina); this sums up to the point that we speak Spanish over here, so I feel like tweeting in English (my project is in English and I generally read things in English) would make it even more awkward.

Thought I'd post this here to see if there's anyone who has gone through a similar situation. Any thoughts/recommendations would be incredible ;)

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    Just create a new account. You won't get any traction but keep at it and over time it'll work out.

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      Considering doing that. I'd anyway still have the concern of what others think about my tweets if they found my new profile (which would be possible as Twitter tends to recommend accounts from people he thinks you may know).

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    Use Instagram for friends and family and Twitter for work. That's what I do, and it works pretty well. On Instagram I post personal stuff while on Twitter I post marketing stuff.

    Start a new Twitter account and share your journey. If you don't sync your phone contacts nobody will find you.

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      That makes sense, @andreboso! Hope that if I don't sync my phone it will be enough.

      Will probably be doing what you've said.

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    Hey Nico,

    I think you should create a second account, if this is worrying to you. I can't speak to culture in Argentina, but people are typically interested by ambition and achievement, even if they don't personally care about the goal themselves.

    I had the same amount of friends/family, and now my Twitter is exclusively business-focused. I've seen a lot of friends respond positively to my posts, especially friends who know how much of a life goal becoming a founder has been for me.

    I guess what I'm saying is that I don't think it's as big a deal as you've made it out to be, and you should go for it! Twitter is great for connecting to other founders, and I've enjoyed it immensely.

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      Thanks for your feedback and motivation, @Kevcon80!

      I know that I'm considering it a really big deal and I guess that after publishing some tweets I won't care any longer about what others say. I need to do the first step ;)

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    Hey @harrydry! Really like what you do on Good Marketing.

    I remember that a few weeks ago you changed Good Marketing's Twitter account photo and name to give it a more personal touch. I know that you've since got back to your previous image (the logo) but have kept the same name.

    I was thinking about doing something similar for Failory. Would you recommend it? Did you find any correlation between engagement (likes, re-tweets, impressions) and the personal touch re-branding?

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      No massive changes. But if I was you I would do it.

      Very hard for Failory to get any traction on social with just a brand account. So I'd post as you yep.

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    I wouldn't listen to my older self if I were 18. But you shouldn't care a bit about your "friends" who doesn't get what you are trying/doing.

    However in this case, I'd suggest you to create a new account either just for the product or for your English tweets.

    That's what I did. I had 4 actual friends(followers) in my main Twitter account, I didn't want them to troll me so I created a new account but now it feels unnecessary.

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      That makes sense. Weren't you worried that those friends would find your new account?

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        I wasn't actually trying to hide, I believe they'd support me in any case. But what I share might look pointless for them. I wanted to avoid non-english conversations under any thread. I thought it'd be better to separate English and Turkish accounts but I'm not that active so it seems nothing but overthinking now. No-one would care actually. I'm doing/sharing what I wanna do. So, they either support or 👋.

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    When starting out, getting a following is so hard that very few care enough to even read your tweets, let alone comment on or share them. If you're concerned about what your acquaintances may reply, just mute them.

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    Hey @nicocerdeira

    You don't need a new account. You need rebranding.

    1. Let people know your brand
      If you want to write about entrepreneurial journey,
      mention in your bio that you're an #IndieHacker and what you are attempting to create

    2. Find your people
      Find people who are also in the same boat as you.
      Follow other IndieHackers

    As a starting point - Here's a list of people who are also creating or attempting to create something https://twitter.com/i/lists/1292810213666381825

    Follow them and they will most probably follow you back as long as your bio tells them that you are starting out as an Indiehacker.

    1. Tweet about your journey
      Talk about your IndieHacking journey. Indiehackers on twitter are really nice people. They will encourage you, help you and even promote you if you create something

    Let me follow you and add you to the Indiehackers twitter list and kickstart this journey for you :)

    Cheers and looking forward to your first tweet about what you wish to create!

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      Hey @codezed! Thanks for your tips about how to start and grow the account. However, what I was asking for help with was around this feeling of others making laugh of my tweets.

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        The reason why someone might make fun of your tweets is when they don’t understand what you are talking about..

        My guess is you don’t really have entrepreneurial conversations with your friends who currently follow you.

        When you get involved with other indiehackers, who will understand what you tweet about and respond to you, there won’t be anything to laugh about !

        Atleast that’s how I started off on Twitter a few months ago.. before I got involved with indiehackers, I didn’t really have a lot of friends in tech on Twitter and didn’t even use Twitter much.

        Once I started following indiehackers on Twitter, suddenly there were all these things I wanted to talk about and all these people who responded to me! Positive reinforcement did its thing..

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    I am in the same boat! Also considering creating a new account - would love to hear what you end up doing. Followed!

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      I'll let you know! I think creating a new account makes sense but I'm still worried other people would find it and make laugh at my tweets.

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    Don't worry, its a win-win situation. If your tweets fail, you will get valuable content to post on Failory. (Nice content by the way - subscribed!)

    In all seriousness, I feel you. I am in somewhat the same situation as you, as I am only now finding myself to Twitter. Regarding the previous replies, I would not consider the two separate accounts as a long-term solution, as it does not address the underlying issue which you have outlined yourself. How about starting with "safe" tweets you feel comfortable posting and working your way up towards content more meaningful to you?

    Also, if you think about acquaintances in your other social media feeds. If someone posts posts content that is not relevant / interesting to you, what do you think about them? Nothing most likely and most likely ignore them or at least not see them in a negative light.

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      That's definitely a great idea. The only concern I'd still have is tweeting in English but I will consider your solution ;)

      And thanks for the kind words around Failory!

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    "the hardest things is to start"

    You can make a new twitter account, that's focused on this.

    What's the worst that would happen? what do you fear most? getting an ugly reply? that would surely happen the more you do it and the better it is..

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      Yeah, definitely. I think that after the first tweets, I will lose the fear. All my concerns are around the first step.

      I think that my fear is not really about the comments from random people on the internet, but rather comments from acquaintances who may make laugh at what I share.

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        Jordan Peterson - If you aren't willing to be a fool you can't be a master (Circumambulation)


        "The fool is precursor to the savior: start by doing it badly"


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    You can have more than one Twitter account.

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      That's also something I was thinking about.

      I guess that the disadvantage would be to start from zero, but if I'm deleting the followers from my current account, that would be the same.

      Thanks for your feedback!

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