I Finally Bought My Name

I finally bought kasperallerslev.com. I don't know, why I took so long for me to pull myself together, but now it's done.

I've been wanting to start a blog about software architecture and testing forever, as a means of eventually getting leads as an independent software consultant.

This feels so exciting. Now I just need to figure out, where I'm going from here.

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    I was in the sample as you (https://onevarez.com/), I decided to put a basic contact page in the meantime using carrd.co

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      I've decided to go with Hugo for simplicity. Being able to publish new content with "git push" is really awesome. It just follows my other workflows so incredibly well.

      What do you use a contact page for? I already have all my contact info at the top of the page.

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    Good start! Do you have too many ideas of blog post or not enough?

    To me anything about testing in a bootstrapped business would be a great read :) and I would love if you have anything to share on TDD!


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      I have loads to share about TDD, but I'm still deciding on where to start. There's a lot :-/

      In your own words, why are you interested in TDD?

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        I would love to read how other founders are using TDD as a framework to build strong foundations for a project without jeopardizing flexibility and short term speed of development. What traps to avoid as a founder, where is time most well spent,...

        I guess what would also interest me right now is the subject of using TDD on the front end in 2020.

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          Interesting. There's a few assumptions in your comment that I have come to find completely opposite of my experience.

          I might try to tackle some of these first, as they are quite common :)

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            completely opposite of my experience

            That's what I want! :)

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