I finally joined Twitter to try out this "building in public"

I'm from Europe, Hungary, and Twitter is not so popular here.
I sometimes use facebook, instagram, linkedin, but I've never had an account on twitter.

For a few weeks now I've been thinking about to try to build something in public.
Few things that held me back:

  • I have really bad procrastination problems
  • I am not an expert in marketing, community building, web developing; sometimes even my english seems broken
  • what if I make a fool of myself

And I also worried about what if I just get bored of posting?
As you can see, I worry a lot LOL, but I figured I should just roll with it, create a twitter, post a few times a day/week, maybe create a blog/portfolio later.

Also, in the next year (2021) I'm planning to start a "12 startups in 12 months" challenge, because after reading from the people who have done that, I am impressed and I would like to try that out.

This 1.5 months left of 2020 will be a good practice for me to try out twitter, posting stuff, and preparing for the 12 startups in 12 months challenge.

My "0. startup" (which is a warmup for the next year) is thankfulsite.com, which I "launched" (only the beta) few weeks ago here, but it is garbage at the moment and I didn't upgraded the website, but I will try to improve it (better design, maybe try out stripe, improve the UX etc) in the upcoming weeks (I give myself 2 weeks), and I will share the progress in Twitter (and maybe here).

Anyways, this is my twitter if anyone interested:

I don't have any posts yet, and my english is not perfect, but if you want, you can follow me.

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    Are you working full-time in this or are you also working as an employee? Just be careful when posting publicly on Twitter, especially if you have a day job. Your boss or your officemates might expose you once your performance at work dwindles. Have a balance of your side project and full-time job. It's much safer to post here in IH IMHO.

    What I said above is if you're not using a moniker and using your real name on Twitter. Use your product/company's Twitter handle and that should do the trick but your audience won't exactly know who that real person is.

    1. 2

      Really nice and helpful advice.

      To answer: no I don't work full time on any of my side-projects, I have a normal day job.
      I try not to overwork, in weekdays I usually work on my side projects only for 2-4 hours, but of course always after the work. I separate these 2 things, I don't even use the same laptops.

      But I see what you mean, and it's a good advice! Thank you. :D

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    Nice site! what tech stack did you use, and how long have you been developing?

    I'll keep an eye out for your 12 in 12.

    Followed on Twitter :) - @ldunne_

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      Thankss! :D I followed you too after seeing this nice tweet:
      "Companies that don’t allow their employees to work on side-projects/gigs are toxic"

      I used Laravel (with Blade templates), the pictures/graphics are from a really nice designer who let me use their images from Pixabay. :)
      The overall development took like 2-3 weeks because I didn't really have much time to work on it, now I am reworking/redesigning the whole website and I gave myself 2 weeks, I should launch the new version around dec 5.

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    I’m curious about trying this too. So the goal is to create a new startup every month, but what happens to the ones you start? Let’s say it’s month 6, you create a new startup but you still have 5 other startups to manage and grow. How would you manage this?

    1. 1

      I thought about this too.
      My best guess would be: from the 12 startups, most of them will be dead, or at least you will have to "declare" their death (early enough), so that you will have the resources to develop the others which are more promising.
      As I saw, this whole challenge is about iterating through as many ideas as possible, and hope that at least one of them will have potential.

      • Since 1 month is not a lot of time to develop big products, even if a few (2-3) will get good feedback, IMO you could manage them simultaneously.
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        True, one month wouldn’t be much time to develop anything complex. I think the idea of one a month is more to get used to building in public and just getting an idea out there?

        1. 1

          Yes, for me it's about practicing and building as much as possible in 1 year.
          And I like this challenge especially because you get to know the market really well.
          You can either:

          • stick to one niche in all your 12 products
          • or try different audiences with each product

          Either way, you'll gain valuable knowledge IMO.

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    The redesign looks nice.

    I'm ayewo_ on Twitter and just followed you as #32 😊.

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    Nice! I also just opened my Twitter account for the exact same reasons: going to give building in public a go.

    I'm also starting the 12 Startups in a Month challenge! Great to connect with others doing it as well :) Although my situation is slightly different, I don't have a technical background and will be starting with mostly No Code tools.

    P.S - I tried following you on Twitter but apparently I reached my daily maximum of accounts to follow. Went a bit crazy earlier today lol. I've left the tab opened and I'll follow later. My account is @alejandrovbeta1

    1. 1

      Really cool.
      I followed you because I'm interested to see how your challenge goes! :)
      Good luck to you!

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    I'm curious since I still hear many entrepreneurs and tech people using Twitter, but I hear about it much less when it comes to normal social media use. Is the startup community presence still growing on Twitter?

    1. 2

      So far Twitter looks like a great place. My goal is to follow mostly entrepreneurs, indie hackers, and business related people/accounts.
      All I can say after using it for a few hours that it's nice scrolling through the feed and seeing mostly interesting people doing/thinking interesting things.

  7. 2

    Good luck!

    Just release my first site: threadok.com! If you make some Twitter thread hope to see it on threadok.com :)

      1. 1

        Yeah, I know TheReaderApp.

    1. 1

      Thank you!

      Nice job with the website, looks nice and clean.
      I bookmarked it. :)

      1. 1

        Thanks! :) See you on Twitter or threadok.com

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    Hey wonderful thankful site .. Just followed you btw

    1. 1

      Thank you Salehin!
      Spookey also looks nice, good luck! :D

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    I am trying out the build in public thing too. With basically no followers it feels like I am tweeting into the void. I'll try and keep it up though and hopefully someone benefits from it. Gave you a follow to see how your journey goes.

    My Twitter - https://twitter.com/tylerthelacy

    1. 2

      hey tyler - followed! (@ldunne_)

    2. 1

      Thank you!
      I'm sure people will come to you. :)
      At least I followed you, haha :D

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    Thankful site is adorable! I'm on a similar journey of building in public. At the very least, it keeps me accountable and motivated. Best of luck on your journey!

    1. 1

      Thank you!! :D
      Yes exactly, accountability and motivation were two of the main reasons I started this. :)

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    It’s a fun new trend to build in public and you’re just on time - in a few months it may get oversaturated which will limit the exposure.

    Good luck, remember to share often, that’s how twitter works 💪

    1. 1

      Yes that's true, I started seeing more and more people joining this challenge, you're right that this probably will be oversaturated somehow, and I kinda like that fact.

  12. 2

    What made you decide to do it in public? Nothing against it just curious. My site: https://questionscount.com/ it only took a day so I couldn't so it in public 😊

    1. 1

      I figured that maybe it will make me more productive somehow because even if only a few people follow my journey, I will feel the urge to complete the goals I set for myself. We will see! :D

      I actually came across this site today, nice that you only needed 1 day to do this including development, hosting and launching!
      What are you planning to do with this data btw?

      1. 2

        Give it to whoever asks. Currently the vote totals are returned in the JSON but the API is hardcoded to 10 and not a parameter.

  13. 2

    I make a fool of myself every day, is not a big deal, just go for it.

    Will follow you now.

    M8ne is Twitter.com/Mike_andreuzza I am currently building Wicked Templates in public. ..

    Btw, I love Hungarian food, it's amazing.

    1. 2

      Thank you for the kind words. Your site looks awesome, I especially like the look of the pricing section. :D

      I also like the food here, thanks in the name of my country. :)

      1. 2

        You welcome...!

        thank you man!

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    I am your second follower. :D

    Looking forward to start the same journey too after reading tinyprojects.dev blog. But too busy with my kid.

    Anyway, good luck Huszko

    1. 2

      Thank you!
      Good luck to you too Harith! Insighttribe looks promising btw.

  15. 2

    I am your first follower 😇

    1. 1

      Wowww, thank you! :D

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