I fixed my bookkeeping workflow with a new project

Hi IH,

What do y'all use for bookkeeping? Here's what I've been going through.

I've been using Google Sheets to manage data for my bookkeeping so far, with Google Drive as storage for all receipts. I don't have complex bookkeeping needs, and this has worked relatively well. The only issue I've experienced is, I keep postponing adding new expenses because it's pretty tedious to add the info, take a photo of the receipt (or save a digital one to a pdf), and upload it to Google Drive. So I've done what any sensible developer would do: rolled my own solution.

This year, my third project, as part of my 12 projects in 12 months, is Bookslyte: a simple bookkeeping solution for micro startups. It's a simple web app with a minimalistic UI that helps you track income and expenses. I'm using it for my own bookkeeping needs, and it's already a better experience than my previous solution.

Bookslyte is entirely free to use at the moment, though once I add support for storing receipts, I may charge a monthly fee to offset the storage costs. I'm currently working on adding receipt tracking and ML processing to extract text from receipt photos. The idea is to quickly be able to upload receipts and have the correct data recorded automatically. It seems reasonable to develop an app as well, to make receipt recording even easier?

I hope this is useful to others too! If you do end up using it, do let me know here on IH, and I'll hook you up with a free subscription once the receipt feature is launched, as a thank you for being an early adopter.

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