I got 3 offers to buy my product for $100k, $125k and $150k, rejected them and here's why it was the correct call

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    Just decided to share my experience with you :) Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

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    So interesting to read! I'm not using Telegram, but I want to use it and create a group just to see your bot in action ;)

    Saying that, with so many fork and stars of your GitHub, the number of telegram group that is using your bot is probably much more if the owner installed the self-hosted version.


    I'm more & more interesting to use telegram for my marketing needs via a bot, so if you have any article/tips about how to grow a bot (in terms of users, not the dev side), I'm super interested

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      Thank you for the comment! I actually do have an article on sort of this topic :) here: https://blog.borodutch.com/things-to-remember-when-building-telegram-bots

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    Thanks for sharing. Glad you did your due diligence and held your ground!

    One thing you mention is that you have no idea of all the reasons behind this sudden interest in Telegram bots. I wonder if it's just a natural consequence of a) More business being conducted online these days b) More people overall using Telegram, (ie. drop in usage of WhatsApp due to their new terms and privacy concerns)?

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      Thank you a lot for the comment! I also think that a reason for this sudden raise in interest lays somewhere in terms of overall Telegram user growth. But it might also be the investment interest in Telegram as it just closed a few financing rounds itself.

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        There's also a sudden surge of people interested in cryptocurrency. And alot of projects, even those super small low cap altcoins, use telegram.

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