Self Care February 16, 2020

I got fed up with the trend of meditation as the ultimate cure to existence and posted a hot take on twitter

Marcos Pereira @marcospgp

It's very rare to see anyone on the internet, especially in the developer community, be against the portrayal of meditation as the ultimate cure to everything. Does anyone here agree with me? Am I being too much?

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    @marcospgp No, it isn't too much. Everyone is entitled to their opinion concerning what works and what doesn't, especially for themselves. Does it seem a little bitter and cynical? Sure, it does, but that's also ok. I like the fact that you didn't get trapped into a negative tape-loop, but rather, proffered some other possible resolutions/solutions, all of which I would certainly agree with, especially the 'meaningful' part, which is, likewise, very subjective.

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    Like @c0nsilience said, it isn't too much bc it's how you feel. I also liked that you gave alternatives. Not everything works for everyone and that's ok. More than ok. Great even!

    I do wonder where the idea that meditation is a reward for hard work comes from. I've never heard of it spoken like that, so it's new to me. I would also like to say that not everyone has friends or someone to spend time with, or can have an animal, or can exercise.

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    Yes everyone's personal experience with meditation is subjective and people starting out can sometimes be overly optimistic about its benefits.

    But there's been some interesting, emerging research/studies that shows more objective perspective on benefits, and where it doesn't work. If you're skeptical about subjective experiences, perhaps following the science helps:

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    Have you tried to mediate? If so how often and how long?

    A lot of times it feels like you just spent 20 minutes doing nothing.

    However sometimes I get feelings of bliss during and after it and that makes it more than worth it.

    I would try different methods. I focus on my breathe, others have audio on and some just listen to their thoughts.

    Also I have also found long distance running to be very close to mediation.

    Am I being too much? Candidly yes, the studies show huge benefits of meditation and it is free.